Our “Fully Managed” Plan – Designed for businesses who need a bit more


In addition to our regular Month-to-Month Pricing plans, we offer a “Fully Managed Plan” billed annually at $9,500/Year to take care of customers who need a little more than what our usual monthly plans provide. Below is a summary of what the plan provides:

  • Everything already included in our highest regular “Monster” plan PLUS
    • Extensive Custom Coding and customizations. Note that we already include reasonable customizations with our regular plans but with Fully Managed Plan, there is no limit on the type of customization we will do for you to build your E-Learning Platform for your business. Think of it as your own development team. The only restriction is the number of hours that we will allocate to your customizations per month. In general, it will be at up to 15 hours of development time already included (a $1,000 value per month)
    • Build your pages and course content as needed. You let us do the work but you have to provide the content
    • Onboard unlimited Corporate Partners (a.k.a Course Manager Feature). 
    • Free Analysis and migration help from a previous platform if relevant
    • Custom Contract and Terms & Conditions based on your specific needs
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to you
    • Single Sign On Integrations as needed by your company and product
    • 3rd Party integrations with systems such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Marketo and other CRM and Marketing platforms

How to determine if our “Fully Managed Plan” makes sense for you


We came up with this plan because we realized there was a need for certain types of clients who were not getting enough out of our regular plans. Below are some of the factors that can help determine if our Fully Managed Plan makes sense:

  • You are a business who can afford a budget of $9,500/Year or higher for your E-Learning Platform needs
  • You know that you have specific needs or requirements that cannot be met by regular E-Learning platforms. You ideally need a lot of customizations for your product and business. It makes more sense for you to pay a Flat Price for customizations and not worry about paying for every customization separately
  • You are more interested in a company/team managing the creation of your platform, pages and courses instead of you doing it yourself
  • Your have legal/compliance and other regulatory type of constraints that require custom contract and terms
  • You need more control on how and where your data is stored and managed
  • You already have an existing business and you know exactly what is needed to scale it to the next level



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