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How To Sell Employee Training To Organizations

How To Sell Employee Training To Organizations

When training your own employees, it’s all about knowing what skill you’re trying to help them learn or improve upon. That, and what certification employees are required or incentivized by your company to earn. As opposed to internal training, with corporate...

How To Choose An LMS For On-Demand Training

How To Choose An LMS For On-Demand Training

From watching your favorite movies at home to ordering groceries online: what do all of these activities have in common? They happen on demand! In this day and age, technology allows us to do a lot of things on-demand that traditionally were not as easy to do; in the...

The Ultimate Guide to Picking a SCORM-Compliant LMS

The Ultimate Guide to Picking a SCORM-Compliant LMS

Quick LinksWhat is SCORM and why is it important?SCORM Vs. AICCWhat is SCORM compliance?What's a SCORM-compliant LMS?Different versions of SCORMChecklist to picking a SCORM-compliant LMSAuthoring courses without SCORMImagine if there was a language that everyone in...

10 Must-Have LMS Reports For Managing Training

10 Must-Have LMS Reports For Managing Training

Would you invest $500,000 into the stock market only to cross your fingers that your investment makes money instead of reporting on your investment and making adjustments?  Just like with investing, reporting is extremely important when it comes to eLearning and...

A Better Alternative to LearnUpon for Small-Medium Businesses

So you’re considering a new Learning Management System and LearnUpon seems like the one for you.There's no denying that learnUpon is a fine LMS, but is it the best LMS for SMBs or those who need to use training portals? There's a better alternative to LearnUpon, and...

How to Convert PowerPoint into an Interactive Online Course

According to Business Wire, the global eLearning market will have an annual growth rate of 15% from 2020-2026 and by 2026 it’s predicted to be a $50 billion industry. Unfortunately, many companies are still stuck delivering eLearning ineffectively by doing things like...

What is Multimodal Learning? Why You Should Use It In eLearning

Can you remember the last time you struggled to understand a concept because of how it was being explained? This could be while you were taking a course online, or while you were studying in college – it could even be while reading a book or watching a video. The...

A Better Alternative to TalentLMS for Small-Medium Businesses

Studies estimate that the LMS market will be worth a whopping $28 billion by 2025. With LMSs and other software platforms for managing training and eLearning being used so much in business, which LMS platform is the best for you? There are different types of LMSs, and...

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