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A Better Alternative to LearnDash

A Better Alternative to LearnDash

You’re ready to move from WordPress to a full native cloud-based LMS. Good choice, but before you get too excited and begin the celebration, you need to move all of your eLearning courses and training activities from LearnDash to your new platform. Migration is a big...

How to Convert In-Person Training to Online Training

How to Convert In-Person Training to Online Training

eLearning can help increase the amount of information a student retains while in class from 25% to 60%. This applies to not only students in k-12 schools and universities, but also to adults taking courses for credits, certifications, and to advance their professional...

How To Effectively Facilitate Online Training

How To Effectively Facilitate Online Training

In 2022, there’s much more flexibility for companies to train their customers and partners. For starters, you have the option to train online, in person, or both. We’re not just saying this is important just to say it. The worldwide eLearning market is predicted to be...

Instructor-Led Training Vs. Self-Paced Learning

Instructor-Led Training Vs. Self-Paced Learning

In 2021, a LinkedIn study was conducted, which resulted in 64% of global L&D experts saying learning & development had shifted from “nice to have” to “need to have”. It’s clear that there’s a growing demand for virtual training with webinars and self-paced...

4 Capabilities Of A Continuing Education LMS

Can you believe that 70% of L&D departments in North America use a Learning Management System (LMS)? It’s true. With the increase in demand for hybrid learning, more and more companies have begun using LMSs–the standard tool for managing training and eLearning....

LMS Implementation Checklist

Setting up a cloud-based LMS can cost you anywhere from $4,000-$7,000, meanwhile, a self-hosted LMS can cost you up to  $25,000. Even though investing in a learning management system is critical for improving your training programs, if you don’t take the time to set...

6 Examples Of Self-Paced Learning In Business

With traditional in-person college courses, students are required to show up and learn in physical classrooms at a specific time, usually multiple times per week. Self-paced learning on the other hand focuses on the curriculum and teaching rather than when users “show...

How To Choose An LMS In 4 Steps!

In a competitive environment with hundreds of Learning Management Systems to choose from, how can you avoid wasting time looking at LMSs that won't work for you? How can you make sure the LMS company you decide to partner with offers a platform with the features your...

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