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What can an LMS be used for?

What can an LMS be used for?

Yes, a learning management system doesn’t just apply to k-12 schools and universities providing educational courses online.  LMSs are used by organizations both small and large and in different industries, to deliver, manage, and track learning and development...

Who Can Benefit From Using An LMS?

An LMS is a powerful tool used for creating, managing, and reporting online training and eLearning. When it comes to training external and internal customers remotely, anything other than a Learning Management System (LMS) is an inferior choice. Today, we are here to...

5 Reasons Your Organization Needs An LMS

Did you know there's a way you could onboard new employees, retrain current employees, sell eLearning courses to customers, or even train partners all under one roof? It's called an LMS and it can transform your business, both internally and externally. LMSs are a...

19 Essential Features of a Learning Management System

So you're looking for an LMS? An LMS is an extremely powerful piece of software that SMBs and large enterprises use to solve a variety of needs. From internal training to customer education, even monetizing eLearning courses! LMS's provide businesses with the ability...

How to become a Learning & Development Manager

K-12 eLearning, the rise of remote jobs, online college degrees: it’s clear that the winds have shifted and new remote technologies, new ways of working, and new learning technologies are going to be our new normal. The tip of that proverbial spear is the learning and...

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