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eCourse Growth Strategy blog posts.

Selling Courses Online – $0 to $13,000 / Month

We're often asked "how much money can you make selling courses online"? There is of course no simple answer to this question. However, we thought it would be helpful to outline the progress that one of our clients made over the years. They spent the time to develop a...

Marketing Your Online Courses: 3 Link Outreach Strategies

At Academy of Mine we help both big and small eCourse sellers market and sell their online courses. One of the benefits of managing both big and small members is that we have great "marketing hindsight" because we learn from our bigger members and share our findings...

Sell Your Knowledge Online: Fixing a Drop in eCourse Sales

If you're selling your knowledge or expertise online and you've being doing so for a while you'll be familiar with the rhythm of your own online course sales on a month to month basis. There are some ups and downs, but for the most part your eCourse sales will stay in...

Online Course Content Marketing: What is the Value of a Post?

In many cases a strong content marketing campaign is responsible for helping our online course selling members generate between 70% – 90% of their eCourse sales. Therefore we believe it’s of paramount importance to spend some time digging around in the data related to your content marketing campaign in order to help you identify what’s working… and what’s not.

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