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Employees who don’t see an opportunity to grow at their company are twelves times more likely to leave than employees who have access to ongoing training and development courses. Keep top talent while also increasing employee retention rates with relevant workforce training delivered on your own customized platform.

No matter how big or small your company is, the quality of your platform should match the quality of the training delivered to your employees. Unlock the power of the Academy Of Mine platform to strengthen company commitment and build employee morale: encourage employee engagement through training by leveraging group discussions, live student polls, real-time webinars and gamification.


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Encourage employee engagement through social learning

Create a learning environment that increases employee’s commitment through social learning. When employees train together via live webinars and group message boards discussions workplace camaraderie is built while also reinforcing course training.

Train faster while lowering training costs

Online employee training is by far the most cost effective and convenient training method available to educate your workforce. Allowing classes to be completed sooner, employees access important training on their own schedule while you save money.

Online training is proven to boost employee knowledge retention

Not only is only online training more convenient, it’s also more effective. Online training has been shown to increase retention rates 25% to 60%, while in-person training retention rates are only 8% to 10%.


Automate processes while building a data driven, integrated talent management network

Easily schedule out ongoing employee training with course controls and drip settings. Establish a big picture view of employee training and performance by opting to integrate your platform with the other employee management solutions you depend on. With an integrated view of data, take your business to the next level with smart decisions backed by current analytics.

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