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Find Teachers For Online Course



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PART 2: Where to Find Teachers For Your Online Course

There are many great options out there. We believe in casting a wide net and doing a little bit of a cattle call for course teachers.

You can focus on doing an open call or a more invitation-based, curated approach to hiring.


For a more open hiring approach, you can look on websites like craigslist. The beauty of offering a teaching gig online is that you can look for teachers from anywhere in the world. If you’re in Toronto you can hire teachers from New York. If you’re in Seattle you can hire teachers from Paris. That’s really a cool part of the whole online learning experience. And from a hiring perspective, this gives you access to a really huge talent pool of teachers which gives your online course so many different valuable perspectives.

For example, let’s say you’re teaching a course on architecture and you’re based out of Phoenix. Being able to hire a teacher based in Rome or Venice is a huge advantage to you and your online course. It will give your students access to teachers who have a totally different experience with the topic…. which is, of course, great for creating well-rounded students.

But anyways… by using craigslist you can look in different cities for teachers by posting employment ads in either the “gigs” section or “jobs” section. Depending on what city you’re looking for teachers in there might be a small listing fee for posting in the “jobs category”. Usually about $25 or so, but in our experience, it’s well worth it. You can get a lot of quality candidates this way.

You could also post your job on freelance websites such as, or

Kijiji also has a section where you can post jobs in regional categories and even look through resumes.

There are other industry-specific job boards as well. But you’ll need to research those on your own on a case by case basis depending on what type of talent you’re looking for.

We’ll get more into pricing a job soon, but for now, we just want you to know where to look in the open market.


Another way to look for teachers is a more curated approach where you’ll invite people in as teachers.

For example, let’s say you’re running a game design course. You might find a developer with a really impressive portfolio of work. Maybe she is not currently looking for work and therefore wouldn’t have seen your employment ads, but she might be open to the idea of teaching part-time at your online school. So reach out to her! Send her an email, let her know about your project… what the job entails, how much time is required and what the payment structure looks like.

Then once you have all of your responses in, you need to start doing some pretty delicate work. You need to decide on who you want to bring on board.

This is a big decision, especially if you’re just starting out because it’s the person who is responsible for being the new you. The person you’re replacing yourself with.


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