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Instructional Design blog posts.

Anchoring the Lesson for Your Online Class

The finer aspects about creating a practical starting point before every lesson for your students. In the previous blog article, Anchoring the Lesson for Your Class – Part I, we explored the concept of having an orientation board for every online class, and how it can...

Using an Orientation Board For Your Online Classes

Create a practical starting point before every lesson for your students. If you have ever had experience with sailing, or know someone who has, you may have heard about or experienced first-hand the sense of freedom that comes with it. Being out on the open water with...

Online Student Assessment: Be Fair, Meaningful, Effective and Useful

The previous article discussed the importance of understanding that effective assessment-development is critical for both the online teacher’s curriculum design and the student’s eLearning experience. It also illustrated the inversely-proportionate relationship between the Learning Pyramid, Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy, and…

Summative Assessment Definition: A Score That Weighs On Both Teacher and Student

Much like a fiction novelist may begin with the climax and work the plot in reverse to establish character and setting, online teachers can use the planning of summative assessments to develop effective eCourse curriculum-planning. Do you have what it takes to be the next Agatha Christie or J.K Rowling of online e-teaching?

Adjusting Your Online Teaching Strategy: Measure Student Success

Using formative assessments to fine-tune your approach while delivering course content. Expectedly, a natural follow-up to the article Planning Your Online Teaching Strategy would be a discussion concerning the delivery of material to students throughout the...

Online Teaching Strategies Using Diagnostic Assessment… What?

Using diagnostic assessments to plan your approach when introducing new concepts. In the previous article Turning Apples into Oranges, we discussed the importance of you as a teacher recognizing that your students will be coming to your course from a variety of...

Designing an Online Course: Portion-Sized e-Learning

Delivering course content to your clients with stand-alone modules for self-paced distance learning. Previous articles in this series have covered the ideas of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and the simple concept of using practical activities as...

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