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LMS | Scalability & Efficiency


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So this is how Paige’s LMS transforms from her cafe LMS to an online LMS. The course is totally going to change and it will be an entirely new student experience. And from the student’s perspective, it should be noted, that there isn’t’ less value in this process. In fact, there is arguably more.

Maybe it’s less cool. You can’t tell your friends that you’re meeting at a trendy cafe with a successful screenwriter… but there is a benefit to it as well. Namely that if Paige can digitize some of this education content that she finds herself repeating over and over again, the educational process becomes much more efficient from a teaching standpoint. So yes, maybe you lose a bit on the coolness factor. But you gain huge from an educational standpoint.

Not only that, but there is also this really unique collective learning environment where you’ll be able to see the teacher reviews on other students’ work as well. So you’re not only learning from your own mistakes, you’re learning from everybody’s mistakes.

I know the “online vs. offline education debate” is more complicated than this. There are, of course, benefits and drawbacks to both. But one of the biggest benefits to learning online is that it’s a really efficient way for teachers to teach which usually means that students get really great value for money.

Not only is it more efficient for Paige, but it also solves her second problem which was scalability.


The cafe LMS wasn’t scalable. She could do 2 students/day maximum.

But now, she can charge a fee for the course that takes into account the cost of her developing the course content and paying teachers for their involvement as well.

So now Paige has solved the efficiency problem of her repeating herself and she’s solved her scalability problem which saw her maxing out at 2 students per day. Now she can just hire more teachers if she has too many student enrollments.

So now we know what Paige needs her LMS to do and we see the way in which it helps her solve her problem.


So anyway, I think that’s all I have for you today. I’m kind of out of breath.

I hope you found this podcast really enjoyable and I hope I was able to make an LMS sound a little less scary to you today!

Okay, so I’m going to sign out now, but don’t forget to check out other podcasts and our education entrepreneur blog. There is a lot of great information on there for course vendors to learn how to sell more enrollments and increase student satisfaction levels and much more. So check it out.


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