Are you looking for a Moodle alternative?

Is your business currently using Moodle to create your online courses? Perhaps your business is in the continuing education space; maybe you are administering employee training materials, or even training other businesses. Of course, there are some obvious benefits – above all else, Moodle is free, open-source software. On top of that, developers can add or build new features as required, thanks to the platform’s modular design that supports plug-in based functionality. And yet, this is simply the bare bones and ignores the additional cost, both in terms of time and money spent, that is necessary to fully build out the platform to your business’ particular requirements. If your business has the necessary resources, such as an IT department, even then configuration, support and administration of the LMS is a concern. It requires someone with deep knowledge of the software and ability to customize it to your needs which is where things start getting tricky.

Free LMS Time Investment – Do you value time?

Assuming that your business does have the resources, are your developers spending excessive time configuring the Moodle platform, and perhaps running into one-off obstacles along the way that require sifting through technical documentation to resolve outstanding issues? The unpredictable number of hours spent can become a burden on your business – no doubt about it. Are you growing less and less keen on having to self-host the LMS, and find yourself worrying about unforeseen server issues that can further drain your business’ valuable resources? Maybe you decided to spend a separate fee for hosting through Moodle, but find the server resources limiting.

Are aesthetics important to you?

Most businesses care about how they present themselves online, and Moodle falls short in that regard. The user interface is hardly visually attractive – having said that, the lack of aesthetic appeal should not come as a surprise, especially given that the LMS is free of charge. And what’s more, perhaps you’re less inclined to find answers to your questions or concerns through online forums, and would prefer to have access to a dedicated customer support team that will respond in a timely fashion.

If Moodle isn’t cutting it for your business, and you’re perhaps looking to revamp your online offerings by using a fresh alternative that will address those frustrations listed above, then we suggest that you take a closer look at Academy Of Mine.

In terms of features, we have an all-in-one platform for course sellers. Our pricing starts at $9997/Year. In return, you get the following:

  • Powerfully hosted All-in-One Course platform on our dedicated servers
  • Our homegrown custom LMS that has tons of powerful features
  • Extensive marketing and analytics tools to allow you to see what’s happening under the hood
  • Automatic upgrades and maintenance. You wouldn’t even notice
  • Free reasonable code changes and customizations including custom templates, child themes etc
  • Automated Daily Backups of your site
  • Most importantly: Our 24/7 customer support that lets you focus on what really matters: Your business.

If you’re currently running your site using Moodle, but are interested in switching to a more complete, all-in-one platform like Academy Of Mine, then we’d be more than happy to help you migrate over to our platform – simply send us an email at, or use our contact form.

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