Continuing education has become increasingly more relevant in today’s professional world as jobs become more competitive and government licensure requirements remain stringent. Continuing education provides the necessary tools and training to learn how to become more effective workers, in addition to imparting domain-specific knowledge across a variety of fields, such as law (CLE), medicine (CME) and accountancy (CPE), among others. In light of the demand, accredited professional development providers that best adapt to the educational needs and preferences of those pursuing continuing education will not only reap the business benefits, but also assist in the advancement of different industries.

In order to stay competitive and grow the business’ bottom line, continuing education providers must embrace the advent of improved technologies. Traditionally, continuing education has taken place in brick-and-mortar locations, including university lecture halls, training facilities or even the company office. Over the years, e-learning has proven itself an attractive supplement, as well as outright alternative, by offering an improved user experience that has consistently delivered positive results.

Student Experience is an important e-learning benefit, specifically in terms of the ability to access materials online according to one’s own schedule (generally so long as there is an internet connection!). Moreover, the creation of engaging digital content using tools such as HTML5, coupled with interactive assessments of student performance, whether those include quizzes, assignments or discussions (or all of the above), together lend them to a productive learning experience. Naturally, selecting the right LMS platform is a key step in this process.

From an administrative standpoint, certain features ought to be on the top of the wish list as you think about what to look for in learning management software designed for Continuing and Professional Education. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Access to detailed analytics
  • Audit tracking and other relevant security measures
  • The ability to generate certificates of completion that include state-required CEU information and credit hours
  • The option to track student progress through gradebooks and custom reporting features
  • Making sure students are progressing through the course and actually going through lessons. This can be achieved by adding some extra checks like preventing video skipping within the lesson if lesson is video based.
  • Aside from that, working with a dedicated group of developers ensures the technical side of the business is smooth-sailing

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