Authoring Tools

An authoring tool is a software used to package different media files (video, PDF, PowerPoint, audio, etc.) of course content together in a SCORM package, which is then imported into a SCORM compliant platform, becoming viewable as a SCORM course

Authoring tools also give options for creating interactive and engaging course content. In addition, using an authoring tool lets you stay ahead of changing trends in the eLearning landscape. For example, creating mobile-friendly microlearning content if you are training employees who lack direct access to a desktop computer.

Aacademyofmine is compatible with all the major tools out there in the market.
We support iSpring, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and many more.

Choosing an Authoring Tool

There are a number of authoring tools you can use to create SCORM compliant courses.

We recommend iSpring as the authoring tool of choice for our customers. There are a number of advantages for using iSpring over other authoring tools:

  • Best for PowerPoint conversion
  • Better animation delivery

To get a started with iSpring:

  • Build a course with iSpring using this guide
  • Get a free trial of iSpring here
  • Purchase iSpring licensing by clicking here

In addition to iSpring, there are also other authoring tools you may choose from:

Adobe Captivate

  • Build a course with Adobe Captivate using this guide
  • Get a free trial of Adobe Captivate here
  • Purchase Adobe Captivate licensing by clicking here

Articulate 360

  • Build a course with Articulate 360 using:
  • Storyline 360 guide
  • or Rise 360 guide
  • Get a free trial of Articulate 360 here
  • Purchase Articulate 360 licensing by clicking here
    Want to compare iSpring, Adobe Captivate and Articulate 360 against each other ? Click here to view a side-by-side comparison of all three authoring tools.

Collecting SCORM interactions Data

We store the Scorm interactions to use those to track Course Progress and Reporting.

What are the SCORM versions we support?

Just like any technology, SCORM has evolved through the years. There are currently four different implementable versions of SCORM. SCORM 2004 has several different editions, and the latest version/next generation of SCORM is the Experience API (xAPI). Furthermore, SCORM isn’t the only e-learning standard out there. Other standards like AICC HACP and IMS Common Cartridge have their place in the industry. This page will describe these common e-learning standards and provide recommendations about adoption of each. The chart below summarizes the comparison of each standard:

We provide dedicated Dashboard to manage your Scorms

Upload the zip or drag and drop. It’s quick, easy, and can be useful in updating the launch file on the go at once for all your courses without halting users during their course progression.

We know SCORM better

Our LMS is an experienced player in the field of scorm integration with our courses.  progress/activity.


  • We do tracking/interactions of SCOM
  • We provide reporting
  • We support resume functionality, so no loss of user progress

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