Postsecondary Education


Postsecondary Education has expanded from offering classes solely in traditional brick and mortar schools to making education available through both blended learning (instruction both offline and online) and degrees you can earn completely online. As society and how people structure their lives continues to change, nontraditional (working) students have actually begun to outnumber traditional students who still have the time to take their classes in person. Conveniently for nontraditional students, any postsecondary education course can be taken online in an eLearning platform to fit into their busy lives.  

Across postsecondary educational institutions, including universities, colleges, trade schools, community colleges and technical colleges, students from a variety of backgrounds benefit from convenient access to their course content online via a user friendly eLearning platform.

See below for a slideshow of our Postsecondary Education clients hosted in the Academy Of Mine eLearning Platform.

Want to host your Postsecondary Education courses in an adaptive, fully customizable Platform supported by a company that knows education?

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