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 Private 1-on-1 Video group chat for online coaching website

Okay, so far you’ve created an easy to navigate and intuitive backend created user profiles and a thriving community. But now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty tech stuff. How do you incorporate one-on-one video chat? Or audio chat? Screen sharing, collaborative documents, broadcast technology, group text chat? How do you lock your client only area to protect the content on there? If you want to have group coaching sessions… how do you do that? How do you set user privacy settings? How do you set up private email for them? How do you set up tiered pricing levels for different access levels? For example, if you have two pricing options with different access to content how do you restrict content for the client who didn’t pay for it?


If you’re asking those questions… you’re asking the right questions. So let’s take a moment and see how a few of those things work on our system.


Let’s start by talking about video chat.


If you’re still logged into the demo site just hover over “live lectures” in the top navigation bar and then click on ‘live lecture room”. About halfway down you’ll see a chat box on that page.


A video chat function exists within this page that will essentially replace the need for an “in-person” face to face meeting. You’ll see a little webcam icon in the top of the chat box. You can click on that now if you like. You will be able to chat with your clients, using video conferencing software just like this, installed right into your system.


What you don’t want is a user to log in, create a profile and then need to login to the third-party video chat program or download additional software to be able to chat with you. Not only that, but you don’t want them to see 3rd party brands when they are using your system. It sort of devalues your site and their experience.. The goal is to simplify the process for your client as much as possible and to give them a seamless brand experience.


Another thing you need to be concerned with is that video chat is an incredibly resource-intensive activity from a hosting standpoint. The last thing you would want to do is slow down your front-end website because you’re video chatting with a client in your back-end. You don’t want a potential client looking to signup for your coaching services to experience slow page loading times because you’re chatting with a client in the back-end.


If you’re using our demo site right now there is no additional server load for the streaming video as we’ve handled all of that on our end. So if you’re with us, that’s not something you’d have to worry about.


Just a side note, you can also “broadcast” using the broadcast icon just above the chat box window to broadcast to multiple clients for larger group discussions.. Or if you don’t want to use video you can use the group chat tool in the chat box below.


You can play around those icons a little bit. You’ll also see the options to send documents, start collaborative documents and much more. Take a look around and experiment with some of those icons. You can just pause this podcast and come back when you’re done playing around.


Essentially these are some of the software programs that you could fully integrate into your system.




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