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 Promoting Your Coaching Company Using An Affiliate Program

Let’s start by going through the steps.


Okay, so let’s zoom out for a minute. If we were to fly above your eCoaching company and look down on it we would see we need 2 things to make the whole system work.


First, you need a coaching sales presence. This is the website that is dedicated to helping you find new clients. When a client decides your coaching services are what it is they are looking for, they can sign up for your services through your eCommerce enabled website.


The Second component to your online coaching business is your secure client back-end where your paying members will be able to login to communicate with you.


From a very zoomed-out perspective, these are the two things we’re going to need. But let’s zoom in now and talk about what both the selling front-end and client back-end are responsible for.


Let’s begin by talking about your front end.




The main goal if your coaching selling platform is to help you get new clients. One of the biggest benefits of bringing your coaching company online is that you’ll be able to access an international marketplace. You could have clients from Mumbai, Paris, London, Vancouver, Johannesburg, Seattle… the list of course… can go on. AND ON…. and on…


But no matter what demographic or geographic region you’re targeting you’re going to need your selling platform to do a few things for you.


First of all, it’s going to need to represent you and your brand. If you’ve been selling your coaching services in the real world you probably try to get people to…


1. First, know about you
2. then like you
3. then trust you
4. and then, hopefully, they buy from you.


They can’t buy from you if they don’t know about you, and they won’t buy from you if they don’t like or trust you.


So as long as you’re a trustworthy and likable person you need to find a way to make yourself shine through a computer screen. Which isn’t more difficult to, than selling yourself in the real world… it just requires a different set of tools.


There are so many tools that can help you accomplish this. Let’s talk about a few of the biggies.


One of the things we find really helpful for our clients is to have an affiliate program that runs right off of your site. Having an affiliate program is like having a team of performance-based employees. You only need to pay them if they help you sell your coaching services. Essentially, It gives people in your niche financial incentive to speak about you. And generally, say something nice about you.


So in an ideal situation someone who knows about you, an authority in your field, let’s say a blogger may be familiar with your services and they were going to blog about their experience using your coaching services. You can set it up so they are compensated, based on rates that you establish when they refer new clients to you. Their blog readers already trust them and their recommendations, so by giving you a nod you’re getting instant credibility and trust.




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