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Promoting Your Coaching Company Using Newsletters

Another hugely important feature for your front-end is email newsletter software. You’ll generally set up some type of “email bait” that will inspire potential clients to exchange their email addresses for a bit of free content. This will allow them to gauge your quality standards and service levels. Its’ usually one of the first steps in the buying process.


The great thing about our system is that you can set this up to be totally automated. For example, you can set it up to send “drip emails” every day, every other day or once a week with a new email providing high-quality content and a soft sell. We’ve found this to be an incredibly valuable resource for our clients. In fact, we did a recent study and found out, for one client at least, their newsletter subscribers were worth over 300% more to them then a regular website visitor. In this particular case study, the average value of each newsletter subscriber was just under $5. And their average revenue/visitor metric was just over a dollar. So that’s a pretty big difference. I’ll include a link to that case study in the show notes below. I think you’ll find it pretty interesting.


Another great feature is the ability to send out an automatic blog feed newsletters. If you’ve managed newsletters in the past you’ll know that they take time to set up, design, organize, spell check, double-check that links work and so on. Then you usually have to pay a third party to send them. A company like mail chimp or constant contact for example.


However, with our system, it works totally different. It’s an automated process that pulls your most recent blog posts off your site and sends them out to your subscribers automatically. So for example, if you write three blog posts over the weekend, you could set it up to send your three most recent blog posts on Monday at say 10 AM in the morning. the system will then automatically format your email, include small thumbnailed pictures for each post and all links will work without you having to do anything. This saves you so much time and helps you generate a lot of extra income. In the case study, I mentioned above, that particular client of ours was able to generate an additional $3600 in revenue each month.


And best of all, unlike other services, our newsletter service is built right into your website. You just log in to your back-end and send emails, or configure your automated emails through there. With other services you need to go to a third-party website and pay for each email you send out. Usually between. 02 to .06 cents / email. This might not seem like a lot but even an email list with 3000 subscribers could cost you over $100 to send just one time. If you’re sending an email once a week that’s $400 / month. With our system, it’s free.




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