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As a member of “Academy Of Mine” we’ll set you up with a sales optimized front-end that is designed specifically for optimal online course sales.

We have many client sites that we are constantly testing and experimenting on. We take all of the testing results and we inform our clients about changes that may help them transform non-converting visitors into paying students or members.

Let’s say for example that during our testing we notice that a particular page layout or page length is converting at a high rate for many of our members. What we’ll then do, is we’ll let our other members know about this information so we can test the new page layout on their site as well. We’ll run Split A/B tests on your site which will allow us to measure the impact that these design, color, informational changes have on your conversion rate. We’ll make tweaks, starting with the tweaks that have the biggest impact on your conversion rate first, and then we’ll make our way down the list to the smaller tweaks. Our goal is to help ensure that your online course or membership site is converting the highest possible number of visitors into paying students or subscribers.

You can learn more about how our services work by listening to the audio walk-through  tour below.


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