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Strengthen Customer & Partner Relationships

Provide your customers and partners with a training system that is incomparable to alternatives. Whether your core business is training customers & partners, or you are selling training courses to complement a product, Academy Of Mine makes training at scale easy and doable.

Improve Customer Retention

Drastically improve customer retention and satisfaction by training your audience on a proven and reliable cloud-based system.

  • Compliment digital and physical products with training programs.
  • Deliver and manage training programs with tools built-in.
  • Increase your brand’s value by training external audiences already in business with you.

Measure Effectiveness of Customer Training

Train your customers using a system that keeps track of all user activity and progress. Optimize training programs to have a positive ROI on developing knowledge.

  • Prevent professionals enrolled in a course from skipping ahead.
  • Monitor how long a user spends in a course and require a minimum time spent.
  • Respond to student submissions and create surveys to gain course feedback.
  • Pull student and course progress reports to manage activities like test and quiz grades.

Train Partners & Customers On-Demand

Positively impact your customers’ and partners’ operations while training them using courses that are self-paced.

  • On-demand courses made of SCORM, text, PDF, video, and more mediums!
  • Single Sign-On for users to log in using company credentials.
  • Certify customers efficiently and remotely.

Self-paced courses are accessible 24/7 – so your customers can log in to the platform and train online whenever they’re available!

Our client, RTI uses self-paced courses to train the restoration, cleaning, and other industries efficiently.

Increase Revenue from Customers & Partners

Extend the value proposition of your product or service by training customers using a platform designed for large training and retraining programs.

  • Sell product training courses to your customers and partners.
  • Up-sell your customers and increase their product knowledge using self-paced courses and live-webinars.
  • A White-label platform so your learners can see your logo, theme colors, and branding while training.
  • Integrate with third-party apps to create an unbeatable training solution.

Train Customers on a Platform Backed by Professionals

With so many different training systems on the market, you need to make sure your LMS is capable and the company that represents it is professional.

Patrick R, Hanover Research“The support from the AOM team has been superb. They’re responsive, thoughtful, and dedicated to finding the right solution. Consequently, we’ve been able to build out the platform to address our client-facing and internal needs.

Onboard and Train Organizations at Scale

Create separate portals to onboard each organization you’re training, and enroll 1000s of users into courses at a time.

  • A white-labeled platform that’s ready to take on the shape of your customers.
  • Give customers control of their own training portal where they can assign different permissions to users in the LMS (e.g., students, instructors, admins).
  • Enroll users in bulk into eLearning courses.

Sell Courses B2C

Using our page builder – create an eCommerce storefront for your consumers to purchase training courses from you, or Integrate courses into your own storefront.

  • Connect with payment gateways such as Stripe,, and Braintree by PayPal to accept payments.
  • Offer courses for sale without using a third-party eCommerce website.


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“The system is customizable which best met our needs. The team is made up of true professionals who listen and understand the needs and then effectively develop and deploy based on specifications. Also, great overall support.”



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