Videos about Academy Of Mine, eLearning, and Professional Training.

Whether you’re offering continuing education to businesses or professional development to customers and employees at scale, our platform can help you effectively manage training online.

What Is An LMS?

Learning Management Systems are a tool used for creating and managing online training and eLearning. Find out what makes them so helpful.

3 Essential Features of an LMS

In this video, you will learn about 3 Essential Features of an LMS. If you want to learn about all 19 of the essential features of an LMS, read this guide.

Open-source vs. SaaS LMS

There are a lot of differences between a SaaS LMS and an Open-Source LMS. Let’s uncover the secrets to why we recommend SaaS Learning Management Systems.

Cloud-based vs. Self-hosted LMS

Before you invest in a Learning Management System (LMS), you should learn about the difference between a Cloud-Based LMS and a Self-Hosted LMS.

Manage Continuing Education

In this video, we’re going to learn about two capabilities your Learning Management System (LMS) must have for offering Continuing Education!

What is SCORM?

SCORM — otherwise known as the shareable content object reference model — is the standard format for creating eLearning courses, and you can learn about it now.

What makes AOM unique?

Academy Of Mine is unique because our LMS is easy-to-use for learners, easy to manage for admins, it’s customizable, and you can rely on our support.

Learning Reporting In The LMS

Reviewing grades, responding to assignments, and tracking attendance are all easy to do for admins and instructors with the Academy Of Mine platform.

Continuing Education & LMSs

In this video, we’ll learn about some more features that your Learning Management System (LMS) needs for offering Continuing Education online.

Train Businesses With An LMS

Training businesses and other organizations is a little different than internal employee training — let’s talk about how to run external training programs with an LMS.

Making In-Person Training Online

Using an LMS is the easiest way to convert traditional in-person training into eLearning. LMSs also allow you to manage online courses once they’re launched.

Using an LMS for eLearning

Let’s talk about the difference between distance learning and on-demand training, and why you should use an LMS for managing training and eLearning online.

What People Are Saying

“Beautiful software with tons of features, easy to use, and best of all; the ability to customize. We have been working with Academy of Mine for over 3 years and couldn’t be happier. AOM’s platform has a ton of functionality, it is beautifully designed and we consistently receive compliments from our students on the platform’s ease of use.”

Adam P. Model Teaching

“AoM’s platform is easy to set up and use, but even more, it allowed me to get more creative with our content development than I would have been able to accomplish with a more traditional LMS.”

Daniel N. USC Medical 

“I really appreciate this software which is super easy to use from both sides (admin and student). The interface looks really good and offers many useful tools and customization. It’s quick to set up, the navigation is fluid, the essentials are here and there are possible connections with great tools like GoToWebinar and HubSpot now!”

Sonia B. Quantum Santé

“When we found AOM we were pleased to have finally found a platform and team that was as innovative as our concept. Their team size and approach was geared towards advancement and they really took the time to understand our specific needs and userbase.” 

Rebecca P. RE/MAX 

Manage Training & eLearning with an LMS