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 Website Software For Online Coaching Company

First of all, this area will need to be seamlessly branded to match your front-end. And the two sites will need to be integrated together in many ways.


Next, you need to ensure this area has a very intuitive navigational structure. Don’t forget, your clients might be used to showing up a meeting place and then being called in. But now instead of waiting in a waiting room… they are looking at a webpage. Where do they go if it’s their first time there? Where do they go if it’s there 20th time there?


What most of our clients do is create a video demonstration that could be as simple as a screen-cast that walks them through this process from A to Z. Again, I’ll provide a few screencast software options in the show notes below.


After they learn about your coaching back-end navigation you’ll want to personalize their experience. The best way to do this is to set them up with a unique profile where they can upload a profile image, add a bio, links to their websites and so on.


In fact, if it helps you visualize this a little better you can see a working demo on our site which shows how these features work. You can go down into the show notes and click on “view live demo”.


That link will require you to log in to a password-protected page. The login and password and seen just above the login area. I’ll give you a few seconds to do that. Or you can just pause this podcast while you take a moment to log in.


Okay now once you’re logged in you’ll be on your unique “profile page”. If you’re not there. Just hover over “my profile” in the top navigation bar and then click on “my profile” again.


This unique user page will personalize your client’s experience. It also allows them to interact with other members who are part of your community. This is a huge benefit of online coaching over real world or phone coaching. Your clients, many of whom are struggling with the same problems, can interact, learn more about each other, share resources, network and maybe even collaborate. This takes some of the coaching responsibilities off your shoulder and spreads it’s across your community.


From your client’s standpoint this a huge benefit because it gives them access to many different perspectives. If you can end up building a successful community, this one feature alone can add a LOT of value to your company.




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