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Your Own Branded Website

We’ll install our platform on your own unique domain or sub-domain. We will provide you with a fully hosted Demo E-Course website which already has all the components like Landing Page, Course offerings etc ready. You will then take this and customize it to your needs. Your website does not have to look like everyone else’s and we ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to create your own brand. If you have an existing site that you want to keep, we can use a sub-domain for you to use our platform that can be added on top of your existing site.


Course Creation and LMS platform

We provide you a fully integrated and scalable Course Creation and LMS platform out of the box. It includes features such as ability to create unlimited courses with option to have paid and free chapters/units, timed quizzes, assignments, certificates , badges etc. Students can take your courses, interact with other members via forums and discussions.


Full E-Commerce Capability to sell Courses

You can sell your courses with ease using our e-commerce platform that integrates with your courses and lets you sell them. You can take credit cards & Paypal for your paid courses. We also install an SSL certificate for you so you can securely sell courses directly from your own website. Our E-Commerce offering lets you create complex products including one time payments, recurring subscriptions and even tiered memberships.


Marketing & Research Tools to grow your business

Using our 30 marketing and SEO tools (see video demo here) you can research and track keywords and key-phrases in your industry to find keywords with high search volume but low competition. Essentially our system allows you to find “low hanging fruit”. You can also research competition and see how well you’re performing in the marketing and visibility “race” by putting your own site in our comparison tool which allows you to see a side-by-side ranking of your site vs. your competitors. This allows you to identify the things you need to fix in order to pull ahead in the race.


Integrated Live Classroom and Webinar features

Want to run your own live classroom ? With our premium plan, you will get tools that lets you teach classes live.  Some of the features include 1-1 chat, text and video chatrooms, whiteboarding, screensharing and many others.


Built in Email Marketing Software

Seamlessly create your own Marketing Lists and Campaigns. Our platform lets you manage newsletters with various action based events including auto responders etc. Never lose a potential customer. Writing a blog post on a topic in your niche and want to share with your followers ? Not a problem at all.



eCourse Affiliate Program

Your Own E-Course Affiliate Program

As an Academy of Mine member you’ll get your own built-in and fully customizable affiliate program that will enable you to allow others in your niche to be financially rewarded for helping you promote your eCourse(s). An affiliate program incentivizes people to talk about your eCourse company favourably. Running an affiliate program can help you get mentions on blogs, Facebook accounts, email newsletters and so on.




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