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Self-Paced Learning

Courses That Are Accessible 24/7

Transform PDFs, PPTs, videos, and other training materials into online courses that can be taken on-demand. Provide eLearning on a platform that’s easy to use, then review Learners’ progress and attendance in one place.

Maximize learning retention with Video

Upload videos directly or use YouTube and Vimeo to help keep students focused on a course.

  • Users can return where they left off on unfinished videos.
  • Attach subtitles, prevent users from skipping ahead, and see how much time a user has spent watching a video.

Test your Learners with Assessments

Challenge a learner’s understanding of course material with tests and quizzes.  

  • Create questions natively or import questions from Excel.
  • Use fill-in-the-blank, true/false, multiple-choice, short answer, and other types of questions. 
  • Create passing requirements & make quizzes timed.
  • Add question hints, answer explanations, and retakes.

Explain topics in-depth using PDFs, PowerPoint, and HTML

Upload PDFs & PowerPoints — and create HTML pages to help users understand the topics in a course with visuals and text.

  • Track how much time a learner spends on a PDF and how many pages they viewed.
  • Offer PDF downloads.
  • Use Microsoft viewer or Google to present PPTs.
  • Customize course pages with advanced layouts using HTML.

Engage Classrooms with Group Discussions

Create questions for students in a classroom to answer individually and participate in a group discussion.

  • Respond to students and evaluate their answers as a part of the course grading.
  •  Require students to comment on other students’ responses.

Challenge your Learners with Assignments

Create an assignment for users to respond in a text area or by uploading a file like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint in a course.

  • Assignments provide detailed insight into a learner’s understanding of a topic.
  • Choose how many points an assignment is worth.

Upload SCORM courses

Upload and track SCORM courses that were created using course authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and iSpring.

  • Our platform supports SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2.
  • SCORM modules can be completed in conjunction with other course modules that were natively created.

Deliver Award-Winning Training

Here are some other features that Academy Of Mine has to help you create and manage your eLearning programs.

Fully customizable platform

Every organization has unique needs; if there’s a specific feature your platform needs, our dev team can build it for you!

Performance Reporting

See who has been certified, monitor completion rates, and report on a user’s progress then export reports all in one platform.

White-label Customer Portals

Bulk onboard clients into white-labeled portals, and assign admins to each portal for your customers to manage their own training.


Create & automate Certificates

Customize certificates to display information like student name, date issued, expiration date, and any other fields that you need.

Schedule Modules in a Course

Schedule when modules in a course are available, so that training programs have to be taken over a certain period of time.


Prevent Users from skipping ahead

Use course locking to restrict users from accessing certain modules and sections in a course until earlier ones are completed.

Create & Manage eLearning Courses