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B2B Training

When training other organizations, you need a platform that’s capable of onboarding users in bulk and creating portals for each of your clients to train and manage courses. Using Academy Of Mine, delivering and managing B2B training online is easy.

White-Label Client Portals

Create separate training portals for each organization you are training. Training portals are white-labeled so your organization can personalize the training experience for each of your customers. 

  • Assign each portal with an admin to manage learners and training programs.
  • Attach your logo.
  • Customize the URL of the login and registration pages.
  • LMS site admins can oversee progress each client is making in their respective portals.

Onboard Organizations and Enroll Users into Courses in Bulk

Onboard large organizations into the platform in a few quick and easy steps.

Our LMS is a practical solution for both small and large organizations that are training other companies. TeamHealth who has over 6,000 employees uses Academy Of Mine to train both healthcare organizations and individual medical professionals!

Assign Admins to Report and Manage Client Portals

Assign Admins to each portal, so that customers can manage their own training programs. Allow your customers (various organizations) to report on their own employees and any other audiences they’re training!

  • Admins can grade users’ test scores and assignment submissions, manage certifications in an organization, message users or create platform announcements, and much more!
  • See how long users are spending in a training module and prevent users from skipping ahead in a course.
  • Create/edit courses and perform all other administrative tasks necessary to ensure success in a training environment.

Deliver Standardized Training Globally

It’s important that each of your clients is able to train in their own time,  regardless of where they reside in the world. Using Academy Of Mine, you can create on-demand courses that are accessible to customers 24/7.

  • Reporting and grading is automated and hands-free.
  • Courses, modules, and the platform interface can be edited and customized at any point in time.
  • Use email notifications to notify users in a portal after completing an action like submitting a test or receiving an instructor’s response on an assignment.

Build an eCommerce Store to Sell Businesses Training Courses

Sell your courses to other organizations online with a storefront created using our LMS page builder.

  • Allows organizations who purchase your courses in bulk to have their students self enroll in training courses.
  • Offer discounts using coupon codes.
  • Charge organizations one time for a selection of courses or use a subscription model.
  • Organize courses using product categories and filters.
  • Receive payments with gateway apps like Stripe or Braintree by PayPal.

Streamline Business Processes with 3rd party Integrations.

Connect third-party software apps with the LMS to create a B2B training solution that takes all of your data into account. Ensure your training platform is comprehensive and capable of whatever your customers need using third-party integrations.

  • Connect with your CRM such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and more
  • Track your users using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or custom Javascript events
  • Host trainings and webinars using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToWebinar, and more.


“The support from the AOM team has been superb. They’re responsive, thoughtful, and dedicated to finding the right solution.”



Onboard and Train Customers with an LMS