Make Your LMS Truly Yours

Brand your platform to accurately represent the visual aspects of your company and help learners train comfortably. Match your brand by adding a logo, favicon, color scheme, and customizing titles, menus, and other text throughout your LMS!

Attach your Logo and Brand Colors

Create a consistent experience across all content by integrating your color scheme and logo into the platform. Visually branding your training environment will guarantee your LMS “looks and feels” like your main website.

  • Attach website and mobile logo.
  • Adjust primary, background, and text colors with hex code.
  • Customize footer and company information.
  • Custom styling option.

Use your own Domain

Establish trust with users by using your own custom domain or URL. Interested but don’t have a custom domain yet? Start with our temporary domain ( and switch the domain whenever you’re ready.

Customize Titles, Menus, and other Text

Customize different page and menu titles on the student or admin dashboard, and any text throughout your platform. Change the wording and language used in your LMS to better represent your company’s established brand.

  • The page and menu builder makes adjusting structure and text within your platform quick and easy.

Start with Existing Templates and Layouts

You don’t have to be a professional web designer to create beautiful training for your customers. Choose from one of our templates and layouts to get started immediately!

Let’s White-Label Your LMS!