Personalized Branding

Make it your own. We don’t add any reference to our company anywhere. No more “Powered by” gimmick. Your users see it as you built it in-house.

Bring your Own Domain/URL

Build your brand and trust with your users by using your own custom domain or URL. You can always start with our temporary domain ( and switch the domain whenever ready. You can switch domains multiple times without any additional charge. It takes 15 minutes

Your own Logo and Colors

Integrate your color scheme across the platform and show off your logos wherever fitting. Your users would have a completely branded experience

Custom templates

Our platform comes with many default templates for you to get an easy start. Customize the templates to your preferences and completely change the look and feel of the platform to suit your business needs and audience.

No “Powered By” Gimmicks

There will not be a mention of Academy of Mine anywhere. We want to make sure that clients can fully represent their own, customized eLearning platform. Your make it your own and we are happy for you to do that.

Ready to get started?

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