LMS for Legal Teams

Provide Legal Training & CLE Online

Offer professional development and continuing education to legal teams online. Improve your internal processes and customer relationships with legal departments by using a Learning Management System (LMS).
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Self-Paced Training for Legal Teams

Create online training courses that legal professionals can go through on-demand.
  • Turn PowerPoints, videos, and other materials into on-demand programs.
  • Create multiple-choice, short-answer, and other types of quizzes.
  • Start a discussion with different groups of learners using discussion boards.
  • Build courses natively or upload SCORM courses and report on them in the LMS.

Host Educational Webinars

Attract new clients and generate buzz for your brand by training online asynchronously with webinars.
  • Connect with GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, Zoom, and more.
  • Users can register for and attend webinars in one place, meanwhile, admins can report on webinars conveniently.
  • Give your clients the support they need off-the-clock.
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Advertise and Sell Courses & Webinars Online

Integrate your eLearning platform with your website or sell courses directly with the LMS.
  • Sell courses in bulk, and offer self-enrollment.
  • Charge via subscriptions.
  • Create coupons or put courses on sale.
  • Receive payments with Stripe, Braintree by PayPal, or Athorize.net.
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Report on Performance in one place

Conveniently manage learner performance in your legal training program.
  • Report on the performance of one learner at a time or everyone enrolled in a course.
  • Track how long a user spends on a quiz, PowerPoint, or other activity.
  • Respond to learners’ written assignments and monitor multiple-choice quiz scores.
  • Lock activities to prevent learners from skimming content and skipping ahead.
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Design & Award Certificates on-demand

Design certificates and automatically award them to users after completing courses.
  • Customize fonts, colors, text fields, save certificate templates, and more.
  • Connect with Accredibe and CEbroker to store certificates & credits outside of the LMS.
  • Share certificates on LinkedIn.
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