Using the Academy Of Mine LMS

Provide Legal Training & CLE Online

Offer professional development and continuing education to legal teams online. Improve your internal processes and customer relationships with legal departments by using a Learning Management System (LMS).

Self-Paced Training for Legal Teams

Create online training courses that legal professionals can go through on-demand.

  • Turn PowerPoints, videos, and other materials into on-demand programs.
  • Create multiple-choice, short-answer, and other types of quizzes.
  • Start a discussion with different groups of learners using discussion boards.
  • Build courses natively or upload SCORM courses and report on them in the LMS.
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Host Educational Webinars

Attract new clients and generate buzz for your brand by training online asynchronously with webinars.

  • Connect with GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, Zoom, and more.
  • Users can register for and attend webinars in one place, meanwhile, admins can report on webinars conveniently.
  • Webinars happen in real-time and are hosted by an instructor.

Advertise and Sell Courses & Webinars Online

Integrate your eLearning platform with your website or sell courses directly with the LMS.

  • Sell courses in bulk, and offer self-enrollment.
  • Charge via subscriptions.
  • Create coupons or put courses on sale.
  • Receive payments with Stripe, Braintree by PayPal, or
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Report on Performance in one place

Conveniently manage learner performance in your legal training program. 

  • Report on the performance of one learner at a time or everyone enrolled in a course.
  • Track how long a user spends on a quiz, PowerPoint, or other activity.
  • Respond to learners’ written assignments and monitor multiple-choice quiz scores. 
  • Lock activities to prevent learners from skimming content and skipping ahead.

Design and Award Certificates on-demand

Design certificates and automatically award them to users after completing courses.

  • Customize fonts, colors, text fields, save certificate templates, and more.
  • Connect with Accredibe and CEbroker to store certificates & credits outside of the LMS. 
  • Share certificates on LinkedIn.
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