“People don’t buy What you do but Why you do it” – Simon Sinek

Academy Of Mine is not just a product or business for us. We love working with our clients and solving their problems while building a great business.  If you are thinking about why we should be given an opportunity to help you get started with your online course platform, see some of the factors below that differentiate us from our competitors:


  • Every client is unique to us. You are not just another number. 
    • When you sign up with us, we understand that your needs may be different from those of other clients.
    • Even though you start with the same foundation/platform as others, we are always open to customizations and extensions.
  • Customer Support is the Priority
    • Keeping our existing clients is the most important thing for us – even more than trying to acquire new customers.
    • Of course, we love getting new business 🙂 but not at the cost of serving our existing customers.
  • We’re an All-in-One shop for Edupreneurs
    • We not only give you the ability to setup your online academy, but have tons of marketing and analytics tools to help you sell the courses. You can see some of our key features here. 
    • We think of ourselves as not just a technical or software provider,  but also your advisor in helping you succeed. We brainstorm ideas and strategies with our clients including things like how to price courses etc.
  • Professional but human
    • We have processes, systems, methods and plans. But sometimes, it comes down to being human. Get on the phone and discuss what is needed for you to succeed with us. We get that.
    • Life is short. We love our product, our business and the ability to make even a small difference in helping someone learn. However, at the end of the day, we want to be happy. We treat you the same way.

Sounds Good ?

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