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Sell Your Courses & eLearning Online

Earn revenue from your courses and programs, by selling them online with our customizable landing pages, or by connecting them to your own eCommerce site.

Advertise Courses with a Storefront

Offer your courses for sale using a storefront created with Academy Of Mine.

  • Create a course catalog, an “about us” page, and other pages.
  • Change website menus and attach videos, pictures, and other graphics to your storefront.
  • If you already have an eCommerce site, sell your courses there.

Connect with Payment Gateways

Connect with Stripe,, and Braintree by PayPal to accept course payments. Bank-grade SSL security certificates make sure that your customers’ data is fully encrypted.

Customize the shopping experience

Customize your website using different colors, menus, pages, and more so that your customers have a personalized shopping experience.

  • Categorize your courses to help customers find training by sector/role.
  • White-label your website to match brand colors.
  • Users get instant access to courses after purchasing them.

Explain your training to Customers

Using an image and course description, describe what a course is about so that customers can learn about training before making a purchase.

  • Customers can begin training in the portal directly after adding courses to their cart and paying.

Sell Courses in Bulk (B2B)

Sell courses in bulk to organizations who want to enroll their employees, customers, and partners into training on-demand. 

  • Users can begin training in their portal directly after purchase.

Discount Courses with Coupons and Sales

Discount your courses with coupon codes and put your courses on sale.

  • Discount by a percentage (20% off), or by a fixed amount ($20 off).
  • Schedule a time when a course/s is on sale. 
  • Limit how many times a coupon can be used, create a coupon expiration date, and define who can use a coupon.

Charge customers your way

Sell courses as a one-time purchase or use subscription payment plans.

  • Offer free trials on subscription courses for customers to try a course before paying for it.
  • Create training bundles that group together related courses.
  • Create membership plans.

Efficiently Sell Courses & Webinars Online