Flexible eCommerce

Convert your eLearning platform into a well-oiled sales machine with integrated eCommerce capability. Set up content to be sold either as a one-time purchase or subscription, or sell seats in bulk to other organizations. There is no need to set up a whole new solution with a 3rd party eCommerce platform; we can integrate everything right into ours.

Cart and checkout templates

Create a simple and straightforward shopping experience for your users. With our default eCommerce cart and checkout templates, you can get up and running within minutes. Need a more customized shopping experience? Ask us to help to tailor it exactly to your needs.

Integrate with multiple payment gateways

We take payments and financial information seriously. Integrate with well-known gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net and many others. Ensure PCI Compliance where no payment information is stored on our servers directly.

Sell many different products

Besides online courses, you can choose to sell many types of products on your platform so that everything is nicely integrated. Newsletter subscriptions, eBooks, digital and downloadable products, or even physical products like DVDs, Books, merchandise, and more.

Bulk sell to other organizations

Using our Group Onboarding feature, you can have other organizations purchase courses in bulk, enroll students, and manage students with the same privileges as you. This way, you can fully delegate those hours while providing company representatives with the access they are looking for.

Subscriptions & Memberships

Provide access to courses based on recurring payments, set up paid newsletters, and section of parts of your website only accessible by certain members.

Ready to get started?

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