Safety & Compliance LMS

The Ultimate Platform For Compliance Training

Maintain compliance in your organization with an easy-to-use training platform. From courses to virtual classes—achieving, maintaining, and reporting on compliance is effortless with Academy Of Mine LMS.
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Hassle-Free Compliance Training

Keep your teams secure and up to date on compliance training, with self-paced courses and instructor-led training.
  • Train individuals or organizations.
  • Employees can log in to their platform using company credentials.
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Create Scalable & Consistent Programs

Maintain consistency in compliance training programs using on-demand courses that are available online 24/7, and virtual or in-person classes.
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Courses That Runs On Their Own - 24/7

Combine videos, PPTs, and more to create self-paced courses. You can also upload SCORM courses to include.
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Standardized Training Reports

Report on compliance records like certifications using professional training reports.
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Prevent Users from Skipping Ahead

Use restrictions to prevent learners from skipping over important information in compliance programs.

Track Compliance Requirements In One Place

Get software that keeps track of ongoing safety and compliance programs for you. Report on course completions, certifications, how much time a learner spends in a course, and more all in one place.

Say Goodbye to Vendor Ties with a White-labeled LMS

Visually brand your platform with your company’s colors and brand guidelines. 100% eliminate vendor ties.
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Use your Logo, Colors, and Domain

Attach a logo, customize colors, texts, and use your own domain.
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OSHA & GDPR-approved content

Customize your content & platform to be OSHA and GDPR complaint.
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Create custom email notifications

Create custom email templates that are triggered by certain LMS events.

Create Certificates and Automate Retraining

Create certificates or upload pre-created designs. Automate certificate delivery, notify users when their certs expire, and save certificate templates.

Customize Text Fields, Fonts & Sizes, Colors, and more...

Add Expiration Dates

Change Canvas Size & Design

Add An Organization ID

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Eliminate Compliance-Risks with Academy Of Mine

Protect your company against accidents, lawsuits, and audits with an LMS that automates compliance training and helps you identify who has expired certifications.
  • Secure training record storage and automatic data backups.
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A Compliance Training-Approved eLearning Platform

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“For the past four years, Academy of Mine has helped us provide certification level training for firefighters and first responders. Academy of Mine offers the perfect solution for online learning, product sales, marketing, commerce, reporting, analytics, and much more. If you are thinking about how to expand your business to meet your needs, give them a try. You will be glad you did!”
Matthew T. President Of Safety Training FL

Deliver Compliance Training with an LMS