Guide Teams Through Careers with Safety & Compliance Training. 

Guarantee safety in the workplace by training using a platform that can be customized to your unique needs. Whether you’re selling safety courses B2B or delivering OSHA-approved compliance training to employees, do it in a way that positively impacts behavior and culture.

Deliver Safety Training conveniently

Improve the safety of your employees and other organizations efficiently. Deliver compliance training to experts in an industry without requiring them to sacrifice excess time and effort.

  • Train online with just a computer and the internet.
  • With Single-Sign-On, users can log in using company credentials.
  • Internal tutorials and support.
  • AAA Food Handler offers food handler, food management, and sexual harassment training using the LMS.

Report and track results

Monitor and track learner data and create reports on individuals enrolled in safety courses out-of-the-box.

  • Guarantee 100% completion in required training modules.
  • See who’s certified, and how long a user’s spent in a course
  • Accurately track progress and completion rates in compliance programs.
  • Lock modules in a course so that users can’t skip ahead.

Offer Compliance Webinars and On-Demand Courses

Deliver effective compliance training to your teams and other organizations using on-demand courses and live online instruction.

  • Host webinars with integrations like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToWebinar (more available).
  • Create courses that can be accessed globally and on-demand 24/7.
  • Use video, Powerpoint, PDF, SCORM, and other formats to create training.
  • Paragon Compliance offers on-demand courses and webinars for HR, I9, diversity training, and more using the LMS.


Welcome a Company’s Brand Visuals

Say goodbye to generic safety training with our White-Labeled LMS – visually brand the platform to represent your business and customers in training. Public Safety Training & Development, LLC does a great job of this!

  • White-label using a logo, colors, and other brand assets.
  • Send branded emails and platform announcements to your customers.
  • Train a lot of customers? White-label different customer segments.
  • Create a resources page to give learners access to resources outside of the LMS while training.

Award Certifications and Recertify

Automatically send certifications to learners who’ve successfully passed a compliance course – and notify learners once their certification has expired and they need to retake a course.

  • Certifications are customizable and can include license numbers and any required information.
  • Import your own graphics or edit text, colors, and more natively.
  • Information fields like student name, course name, and DOE are automatically filled in.

Knowledge base for Safety Compliance

Maintain safety requirements internally and externally using a platform designed for effective delivery and storage of compliance.

  • Store digital records of customer and employee training history.
  • 100% prepared for audits with reliable storage and backups.

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Educate in Safety and Compliance with an LMS