Safety And Compliance LMS

The Ultimate Platform For Compliance Training

Maintain compliance in your organization with an easy-to-use training platform. From courses to virtual classes—achieving, maintaining, and reporting on compliance is effortless and customizable with Academy Of Mine.

Hassle-Free Compliance Training

Help employees and organizations maintain compliance and safety credentials without sacrificing excess time and effort. Keep your teams secure and up to date on compliance training via online courses and virtual classes.

  • Train online with desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.
  • Learners can log into the platform using company credentials.

Track Compliance Requirements In One Place

No more actively monitoring compliance training—your LMS keeps track of ongoing employee education programs for you. Report on course completions, certifications, how much time a learner spends in a course, and more all in one place.

  • Create custom reports to track unique data.
  • Track course engagement and attendance.

Scalable & Consistent Programs

Deliver consistent compliance training to your teams and other organizations using on-demand courses that are available online 24/7. You can also host virtual training sessions in real-time.

  • Combine video, PowerPoint, SCORM, PDF, and other training formats into compliance programs.
  • Courses can be accessed by learners around the world on demand.  
  • Restrict learners from skipping ahead in training.

Welcome a Company’s Brand Visuals

Say goodbye to generic compliance programs with our White-labeled LMS. Visually brand the platform with your company’s colors and brand guidelines.

  • Attach a logo, and colors, and customize text and menus.
  • Design branded email templates for notifications.
  • Create a resources page to provide OSHA best practices, GDPR info, and other compliance-related info to employees.

Automate Certifications And Retraining

Automate certificate delivery, and notify learners once their certification has expired. Create and customize certificates on the LMS or upload pre-created designs. 

  • Customize certificate text, and colors, and save certificate templates.
  • Certificate fields like name, course name, and expiration date are automatically filled out.

Knowledge Base For Safety & Compliance

Mitigate compliance risks and protect your company against accidents, lawsuits, and audits with a platform that streamlines compliance training.

  • Secure training record storage and automatic data backups.
  • Automate retraining and easily identify employees that are not meeting compliance standards.

Your Organization’s Safety Is Priority

“Academy of Mine is the perfect solution for online learning…Their 24/7 technical support is amazing. Whatever you are in the market for, Academy of Mine will help you reach your goals the way you envision.”

Matt Trent – President Of Safety Training FL 


Achieve & Maintain Compliance With An LMS