integrations & api

Connect Your LMS With Existing Tools

Earn revenue from your courses and programs, by selling them online with our customizable landing pages, or by connecting them to your own eCommerce site.
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Bring Marketing & Sales to your eLearning Platform

Connect Academy of Mine to your CRM and other marketing tools, to manage eLearning and business goals together.
  • HubSpot.
  • Salesforce.
  • Shopify.
  • Google Analytics, FB pixel, and more.
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Customize the LMS with REST API & JavaScript

The sky is the limit with our flexible REST API that allows you to build out anything you like with the data from your LMS. Use Custom JavaScript to customize your LMS as well.
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Integrate with your eCommerce Store

Advertise and sell tickets to upcoming in-person classes, online courses, and webinars on your website.
  • Sell classes directly on the LMS or use an existing store.
  • Provide course access to users directly after purchase.
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Connect with Webinar Tools

Connect with third-party apps to create the ultimate eLearning platform. With our integrations and developer-friendly API, your learners can continue their education and train online using familiar business tools.
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Log in with Single Sign-on
and 2-Step Verification

Eliminate password fatigue by letting employees log in with their company credentials (Single-Sign on). Mitigate security risks with 2-step verification.
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Notify external systems automatically

Using Webhooks, automatically send notifications to outside systems when actions occur in the LMS.
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Get an LMS that’s loaded with Integrations