Real Estate LMS

Train your RE Agents and Partners with flexible software

License new agents and strengthen teams in your RE organization around the clock with on-demand courses. Help agents develop hard and soft skills remotely using webinars hosted by industry leaders.
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One Platform for all your Real Estate needs

Fill your LMS with courses that cover everything from improving sales and lead generation to hiring and training new agents. Create versatile training programs that help your agents and brokers do better in every part of their real estate careers:
  • Licensing and training new agents.
  • Becoming an expert at buying, renting, and selling properties.
  • Running a real estate business.
  • Lead generation.
  • Overcoming objections and closing deals.
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Offer training around the clock

With on-demand courses, your real estate professionals have access to train and develop their skills at any time of the day or night, regardless of where they live!

On-demand courses can include a variety of content:
  • Videos.
  • Interactive learning modules (SCORM).
  • PDFs.
  • Multiple-choice tests & quizzes.
  • Written response assignments, and more!

Maintain licenses with continuing education

Certify agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals who work for your company or just need to renew their real estate licenses in a state.
  • Design and customize certificates in our platform.
  • Connect a digital badge and certificate platform like Accredible to your LMS.
  • Manage certifications at scale in a few clicks.
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Engage RE professionals face-to-face

Use webinars and live-virtual events to turn up the heat when training and developing your employees, partners, and other real estate stakeholders.
  • Integrate your Learning Management System with Zoom, MicrosoftTeams, GoToWebinar, and more.
  • Register and join live-virtual events without having to leave the LMS.
  • Schedule, manage and report on webinar performance.
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Sell Real Estate courses & webinars online

Sell real estate courses by connecting your LMS to your eCommerce website or build the website at no additional cost using templates within our platform.
  • Offer courses to commercial and residential agents.
  • Sell courses in bulk to real estate brokers and businesses.
  • Offer subscriptions to encourage continuous RE training.
  • Use logo, company colors, and more to make your website look on-brand.
  • Sell access to webinars.
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10x your RE Training Programs with Academy Of Mine