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Using the Academy Of Mine LMS

Streamline Employee Training and Onboarding 

Provide your employees with a tool to continuously learn new skills and maintain professional knowledge. Strengthen your teams by training everyone in their job responsibilities and preparing new hires to be successful.

Manage Your Team's Performance

Run reports and track the progress of your internal teams and new hires without leaving the platform.

  • Check an individual or group of employees’ progress in a course.
  • Track completion of assignments and how long employees are spending in training.
  • Monitor quiz and test grades and run year-end performance management.
  • Manage what stage new hires are in with onboarding.

Allow Your Employees to Train 24/7

Using self-paced courses, your employees can train and develop skills through eLearning modules that are accessible 24/7 –  so you can train lots of employees simultaneously and affordably.

  • Create courses using videos, pdfs, documents, interactive SCORM, tests, assignments, and more!
  • Built-in tutorials and support for learners in the platform.
  • Employees can access important training on their own schedule.
  • Give new hires company recourses and handouts.

Separate Training by Department

Train all of your departments on the cloud, and provide all of your employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.

  • Create different training portals for each department of yours to train separately.
  • Assign different admins to manage training for each department.
  • Separately track the ROI of knowledge and progress each department is making.

Fast-track Onboarding

Onboard new hires into your organization in an efficient and scalable way.

  • Accurately track the progress of new hires during onboarding.
  • Reduce expenses involved in hiring new employees by automating traditional HR work.
  • Bulk upload employees and create an onboarding program that makes hiring new talent easy.


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Automate repetition & eliminate Inefficiencies

Connect with other third-party software apps that your business is already using to create a powerful training system for both employees, instructors, and admins managing eLearning.

  • Use Single Sign-On (SSO) so your employees don’t have to create new accounts to log in.
  • Integrate with GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and MS Teams Meetings to train using webinars and live instruction.
  • Connect with Salesforce and HubSpot so your marketing and sales team can utilize real data while taking a course.

Test Employees Knowledge and Skills

Use discussion boards, tests, written responses, and other assignments to ensure your employees are able to excel in their position.

  • Challenge employees’ critical thinking and cognitIve learning skills with discussion boards and written assignments.
  • Roleplay with employees on webinars and live training.

Engage Employees and Build Culture

Academy Of Mine LMS is the perfect solution for improving your organizations’ camaraderie and culture while training!

Deliver Continuous Training

Create a training environment that is built for continuous training and encourages employees to develop their professional skills on the platform daily.

  • Schedule long-term training programs that give employees access to new courses on specific dates.
  • Restrict employees from skipping ahead in a training course.
  • Create learning paths to recognize employees for taking a group of courses in a specific order.

“We found AOM’s platform to be easy to use as a learner and easy to manage as an admin. AOM has proven to be professional, accommodating, and advanced from the beginning.”



Educate and Train your Teams with AOM!