LMS For Employee Development & Onboarding

Maintain & Grow Teams With
Employee Training

Help employees learn new skills, earn certifications, and maintain professional knowledge with an all-inclusive learning platform. Create courses and online workshops, then track employee performance with one system.
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Employee Training That Can Be Taken Any Place—Any Time

Create training courses that employees can take from anywhere in the world, at any time. Courses can be made from videos, docs, pdfs, text modules, SCORM, and more.
  • Test knowledge retention with interactive assignments.
  • Employees can train when they’re available & ready to learn.
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Reporting On Training Has Never Been Easier

Automatically track the progress of employees in a training program. From completions and certifications to quiz scores and attendance records — keep track of everything happening in employee training.
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Track How Long Employees Are Training

Track how much time employees spend in training programs using software that tracks user-activities.
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Manage Certifications and Training Attendance

Manage employee training with a platform that keeps track of who is certified and up to date on training.
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Monitor Assignment or Quiz Completions and Scores

Monitor how employees are performing in online training using software with built-in learner reports.

Eliminate Inefficiencies In Professional Development

Connect with 3rd-party tools to create high-quality employees training that’s convenient for your company to manage.
  • Log in with company credentials using Single Sign-on.
  • Notify external systems when employees complete training courses.
  • Share badges & certificates with LinkedIn and Accredible.

Fast-Track New Hire Onboarding

Create an onboarding program that makes hiring new talent efficient and scalable.

Track new hires progress

Accurately track the progress of new hires in an onboarding program.

Automate HR

Automate HR paperwork and reduce new-hire expenses.

Guide employees

Guide employees into professional development after their onboarding.
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Separate Training By Department

Use portals to train all of your teams online without having one department’s training overlap with the next.
  • Assign different admins to manage training for each department.
  • Separately report on employee progress from each department.
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Test Your Employee's Understanding & Skills

Attach quizzes, written assignments, and surveys in a course to gauge how well employees understand training material.
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Create Quizzes & Tests

Create multiple-choice, multiple-correct, and other style quizzes.
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Give Employees Assignments

Test employees’ critical thinking with assignments.
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Get Company Feedback

Get feedback from employees using different surveys types.

Improve Company Culture

Use Academy Of Mine to improve your organization’s culture during training. Create team assignments that foster collaboration, and train groups of employees face-to-face and online, using virtual instructor-led training.

Your Organization's Success Is Priority

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