LMS for Continuing Education

Empower your customers to maintain licenses in their profession without having to jump through hoops. Many careers require Continuing Education – a lot of companies offer it…Differentiate yourself from competitors by delivering CE to professionals on a platform built for it.

Customize User Profile Fields

Customize a registration page so that customers enrolling in CE provide the information your organization requires.

  • If you’re training in healthcare, this could mean asking for a customer’s credentials or degree(s).
  • One of our clients in Real Estate, ExceedCE, asks customers for their State, License Number, and credit Expiration Date.


Automated and Customizable Certificates

Start with a template or upload your own original design to create certificates that meet licensing body requirements, and are automatically generated and delivered when a course is completed. 

  • Dynamically populated with a user’s profile information, and/or performance in a course.
  • Download certificates to print, share or view offline.


Deliver and Manage all your CE

Using your LMS, offer continuing education to different states and industries.

  • Customize your platform and courses to meet the requirements of different licensing boards.
  • Use filters so trainees can view only courses relevant to them.
  • Report and track credits using integrations such as CE broker.

Track User Activity to Ensure Courses are being Fully Completed

Track user activity down to a granular level so that professionals aren’t able to skip over materials in a course to earn CE credits.

  • Restrict fast-forwarding or skipping videos.
  • Track how much time a user spends in a course, and require them to spend a minimum amount of time to pass.
  • Restrict users from accessing future modules and sections in a course until earlier ones are completed.
  • Lock access to a course until a specific date.

Train On-Demand, Live, or In-Person

Offer continuing education in a medium that’s convenient for you! Create on-demand courses, host webinars for live training, and schedule in-person classroom sessions, or create CE programs using a blend of all three.

Train and share materials using different media types:

  • SCORM, PDF, HTML, Video, PowerPoint
  • Live instruction via a Zoom or Microsoft Teams Webinar
  • Print handouts from an In-Person training session

Sell Continuing Education courses

Sell continuing education courses individually or bundle multiple together. Offer memberships if you know a customer has to frequently take courses to maintain their license(s).

See how our client AchieveCE is offering CE courses.

Give Users permissions based on their role

Provide customers with the ability to monitor their performance in a course, and ask for assistance if they need help.

  • Create a hierarchy in your training environment where users have different Roles and Permissions.
  • Designate Users, Instructors, Admins, and other Roles with a click of a button.
  • Admins and Instructors can perform administrative tasks like grade assignments and manage courses, but Users enrolled in CE cannot.

“General attitude toward customer service is positive and upbeat. Communication tone is friendly. Quick response time on customer service and IT issues. Learner interface is intuitive and with a professional look.”



Certify and award CE credits with an LMS