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Measure Training Success with Analytics

Accurately track learners’ progress, eCommerce sales, and which courses are performing the best in your platform. Using built-in reporting tools, keep track of your business’s analytics to maximize success.

Comprehensive Learner Insights

Learn more about your student’s performance on assessments, and accurately measure their progress in a learning or training environment.

Curious about what programs a learner is enrolled in, how they’re performing in training courses, and whether or not they have received a certificate in a specific field?

  • Automate your grading process and focus on monitoring user reports.
  • Get notified when students submit assignments or discussion boards, then provide feedback.
  • Configure email notifications so that users get notified after completing a course or performing other actions.

Monitor Course Engagement and Activity

Dive into course metrics and focus on the activity happening in a course versus just looking at one user’s activity. Course insights are great for monitoring the success of all learners enrolled in a specific program.

  • See when a learner has enrolled in a course, when they last accessed it, and if they’ve started taking it yet.
  • Track who has completed a course, or who’s been certified, and more!
  • Download course reports, to discuss with your team outside of the platform.

Branded Customer Level Reporting

Your customers get their own white-labeled training environment called a portal, where they can onboard their users and manage courses. Customers only have access to their own portal, which represents their organization.

  • Track metrics and generate reports on their learners.
  • View how users are doing on a very granular level.
  • Monitor high-level course activities.


Track Your Revenue Growth

Stay profitable and up to date with your eCommerce business!

  • Use dynamic reports to track monthly and years sales.
  • Discover which products are selling the most with product breakdowns.
  • Export reports to manage products and increase future sales.

Audit and Security Log Monitoring

Perform site audit logs to get an idea of how your platform is being used by administrators and students, track login activity, and other security and utility reporting.


Track Learner Progress In Your LMS Efficiently.