Reporting & Analytics

We provide analytics on different aspects of your platform, making sure you know exactly how your business is performing. Get tabs on your sales numbers, see how students are progressing, and which courses are performing best, all from within your own platform.

Student & course reporting

Get insight into how a student is progressing and performing in the courses that she is in, and see if there is any action you need to take, or evaluate how all students for a particular course are doing.

Group reporting

Using our Group Onboarding feature, group admins will be able to see snapshots of how their group of students is performing at a high-level.

Sales analytics

Track the sales numbers of your courses and export .csv files for all orders to use in further data analysis.

General analytics

Get an idea of how your platform is being used with user audits, login activity tracking, and other security related reporting.

Ready to get started?

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