Learner Reports

Track Learner Progress and Platform Usage In One Place

Keep track of your learners progress and engagement in courses. Pull reports on a user’s quiz or course scores, attendance and certification records, and more.
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Comprehensive Learner Insights

Keep track of how users perform on assessments and how engaged they are in course-activities and instructor-led training.
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Review Assignments and Give Feedback

Review assignment submissions, provide feedback, and give grades directly inside of the LMS.
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Track Completions - Scores - Time-Spent

Monitor course completions, assessment scores, certification statuses, and more.

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Report On Individual or Group Progress

Report on learning-related actives in your platform by looking at one User’s progress or progress in a classroom.

Monitor Course Engagement with Learner Reports

Use robust learner reports to make sure your learners are actively completing courses and not wasting time in your platform.

Track Enrollment Dates

See what date a user enrolled in a course and when they last were active.

Report On Certifications

Quickly identify who’s completed a course and received a certification.

Offline Reporting

Download reports to review offline with colleagues.
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Track your Customers’ progress too

Assign each of your customers to a portal, where they can train and report on the progress of their learners in peace. Customers can generate reports on their users just like you can generate reports on your employees.
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Maintain Security & Compliance with LMS Site Audits

Using site audit logs, keep track of every action that ever happened in the LMS, along with a detailed record of who performed them and what time they occurred.
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Collect eLearning Feedback With Surveys

Create surveys to collect feedback from users taking courses and attending training webinars.
  • Choose the type of surveys: star rating, short-answer, multiple choice, and more.
  • Review and export survey responses.
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Track User Progress in Courses with AOM