Customizable E-Learning Platform

Self-paced courses

Bring your training to life by creating various online and self-paced courses using raw content from video, audio, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, SCORM, TinCan, quizzes, assignments, discussions, and much more.

Live virtual training & webinars

Set up live courses and webinars that allow you to give classes to students across the globe in real-time, all from within your LMS. Include slides, documents, and course content, and have discussions with your students right there next to the content. Live virtual training and webinars allow you to combine the best of both worlds – online courses and in-person training, and you can do it all from within your new eLearning platform

Market your Courses

Create beautiful sales pages for your courses that link your LMS to your website, and showcase you course catalog allowing visitors to sift through everything your eLearning platform has to offer.

Corporate and Group Onboarding

Many of our clients chose Academy of Mine because they are looking to sell their courses in bulk directly to companies and businesses. With our Group Onboarding feature, we allow clients to sell course seats in big numbers and delegate the complete student management process to representatives of the company. This helps clients sell corporate-focused courses in an incredibly scalable manner.

Personalized Branding

We are a fully white-label platform that allows you to sport your own brand and build a strong reputation and relation with your users.

Flexible eCommerce

Convert your eLearning platform into a well-oiled sales machine with integrated eCommerce capability. Set up content to be sold either as a one-time purchase or subscription, or sell seats in bulk to other organizations. There is no need to set up a whole new solution with a 3rd party eCommerce platform; we can integrate everything right into ours.

Reporting & Analytics

We provide analytics on different aspects of your platform, making sure you know exactly how your business is performing. Get tabs on your sales numbers, see how students are progressing, and which courses are performing best, all from within your own platform.

Integrations and API

We believe that we have the best all-in-one platform but we understand that you may want to connect with other systems you already use. Not a problem. Our platform comes included with extensive integration capabilities both upstream and downstream. A very open and developer-friendly platform awaits you.

Ready To Get Started?

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