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All The Features You Need

We got you covered with all the features you will need to run your eLearning business. If you need anything more, we can always work with you to customize the platform

Scale to any number of users

Grow your business seamlessly as your user base grows. We charge by a soft limit of Active Users (AU*). Scale it to any number without breaking a sweat. * AU is defined as a User who logged in within the year to take a course.

White-labeled Platform & Website

Build your own eLearning brand by adding your logo, design color and many others branding elements. Make it truly your own. Your customer wouldn’t even know it was built on a 3rd party platform

Text, PDF, Video, SCORM, HTML and Various Content

Provide educational content in a variety of different module formats that are presented in an immersive view, each with its own module specific capabilities.

Quizzes, Assignments, Discussions, Evaluations/Surveys

Evaluate and test your students knowledge in interactive modules like Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions, allowing you to request students to answer different format questions, submit assignments according to your specifications, and take part in discussions with the instructor and their peers. Optionally add Evaluations/Surveys in a course to collect feedback.

Advanced Reporting

This includes evaluating course progress at a high level (e.g. what are the statuses for all students across all courses), and drilling down into more granular detail (e.g. for this exact course, how did this specific student progress through it), as well as additional visual reports that also cover eCommerce trends and allows you to export the data. Moreover, in the event you integrate SCORM content directly into your courses, the LMS can surface SCORM responses at the quiz level, for example, for the admin to download.

Live Webinars

Schedule and record live sessions with your students that allow instructors to teach a class in real-time, while inviting collaboration from their students in collaborative whiteboards, group chats, and more. Use natively provided webinar platforms or integrate with services such as Zoom, GoToWebinar etc.

SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2 compliant

Integrate SCORM content directly into your courses and pass tracking information on to your LMS that is used in course progression. You can import SCORM courses built in various authoring tools including Articulate (Storyline, 360, Rise), Adobe Captivate, iSpring, Powerpoints converted to SCORM.

Group Onboarding

Group onboarding allows you to onboard entire organizations (internal or external) and delegate the student management to representatives of said organizations. An incredibly powerful feature for our B2B clients that allows them to instantaneously scale their business by orders of magnitude.

Custom User Fields

Collect custom user fields that can be used across the platform in reporting as well as to determine certificate and credit issuance. As such, clients can collect for example a “Profession” field for students on registration, and determine different course credits for specific professions for the same course. Additional fees may apply.

Integrated eCommerce

Sell courses directly on your LMS platform by using our integrated eCommerce system.

Detailed Audit Logs of Activity

Show various system and user activity logs including last login, create/update/delete events and various other similar log. 

Webpage Builder
Build out front-facing pages on your LMS that are visible to non-logged in visitors so you can market your platform and its content to potential students or organizations.
Custom Domain Name

Set up a custom domain name for your platform to complete the branding process and make the LMS your own.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate with Stripe,, or Braintree by PayPal, or request to have a custom payment gateway set up (additional fees may apply only for custom gateways).


Use up to 1 TB of total storage (plus 100 GB of SCORM) to build out your courses and website with the ability to grow beyond if needed.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with other applications. Google SSO, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0 protocols supported.

3rd-party Integrations

3rd-party integrations include Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for your website, or even add your own JavaScript code.

API & Developer Access

Build your own interface on top of our platform using our powerful API. Read or write data back and forth as needed.

24×7 Customer Support

A dedicated Account Manager who is available on business days along with 24×7 helpdesk/ticket/email support system. We respond anywhere from minutes to a few hours, on average.

Dedicated Server & Hosting

We run your LMS on a dedicated VPS server to make sure it is secure and data is not shared with any other client. The server is configured with all security measures, SSL certificate, CDNs and integration with firewall/caching services such as Cloudflare.


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