LMS for Insurance Professionals

Deliver CE, Pre-License, and other Insurance Training

Create and manage insurance training programs using a learning management system designed for delivering accredited training courses and webinars efficiently.
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Train Your Employees with Webinars and Courses

Engage your employees in real-time with webinars and provide them with insurance training courses to go through at their own pace.
  • Pre-licensing, continuing education, insurance adjuster courses.
  • Create training programs that test and teach knowledge in different ways (webinars vs. on-demand courses).
  • Schedule, host and manage webinars all in one place.
  • Connect with your CRM or other software applications to customize training.

Sell Insurance Training externally

Transform existing training materials into full courses, then offer them online to be purchased (self-service).
  • Import courses from past systems or build them from scratch.
  • Offer courses for sale using the built-in storefront or connect to your eCommerce site.
  • Connect payment gateways like Stripe.
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Scale B2B Insurance Training Programs

Quickly onboard organizations into insurance programs and scale your training programs.
  • Create training portals for different customers you are training.
  • Enroll 1,000s of users into courses at a time.
  • Save time, since each customer manages their own portal.
  • Offer bulk purchasing for businesses that want to self-enroll many students into a training program at once.
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Manage Training Performance

Measure the progress users are making inside of training programs in one place.
  • Manage the performance of an individual or group of users.
  • Manage test scores, assignment submissions, student engagement levels, and more using built-in reports.
  • Prevent users from skipping ahead in a course.
  • Track how many minutes users are spending in a course, and more.

Deliver and Manage Insurance Certifications

Certify insurance professionals using an LMS with robust certificate features and integration with credential software apps like Accredible.
  • Design and customize certificates in the LMS or import pre-made certificate designs.
  • Store certificates inside the platform or transfer them outside.
  • Certificates are automatically sent to users once requirements are met.
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Train Insurance Professionals with an LMS