Healthcare & Medical LMS

Certify And Train Healthcare Professionals Online

Deliver continuing education to healthcare professionals and improve patient care in healthcare organizations worldwide. Use self-paced courses to train medical providers on-demand, and host webinars to train employees live.
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Deliver Healthcare Training and minimize compliance risks

Deliver accredited training to healthcare providers so that all medical professionals maintain their licenses and certifications.
  • Automate certifications.
  • Connect with a certificate and badge platform like accredible.
  • Prevent users from skipping ahead in a course.
  • Design certificates in-platform or upload from outside.
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Employees can train at their own pace

Reduce the need for lengthy in-person seminars with training courses that healthcare professionals can go through at their own pace, year-round.
  • Create courses & learning materials inside of the AOM platform or upload already created materials.
  • Assemble courses using a wide variety of content: videos, interactive modules, assignments, PDFs, and more.

Convenient healthcare reporting

Report on learning activities and certification statuses all in one place.
  • Use different reporting dashboards to manage training and generate progress reports from different angles.
  • Track how long employees are spending in a course.
  • Export reports for offline viewing
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Customize your LMS

Consult with our team of expert developers to customize your LMS and create a personalized training solution.
  • Make adjustments in the LMS to fit your vision and goals.
  • Do you have new features or integrations you want to build out in the LMS?
  • A customizable learning management system that’s hosted for you.
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Keep records & stay audit-proof

In the Academy Of Mine LMS, all training records like policies, document signatures, and certification dates are backed up frequently on a separate server, so you’re always prepared for audits.
  • Track events happening in your system on-demand.
  • Monitor who is doing what in the LMS.
  • Search for actions users completed over a specific period of time, and more.
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Train Healthcare Professionals with an LMS