LMS for Teachers & Students

Train Teachers and Educate Students Online

From educating k-12 students on-demand to delivering professional development to university professors, Academy Of Mine helps you manage education programs at scale.
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Provide Education On-Demand with Courses

Using self-paced courses, educate teachers and students in k-12 schools and universities online. Track results and manage reports in one place.
  • Turn PowerPoints, videos, documents, and other eLearning materials into on-demand programs.
  • Create assignments, assessments, surveys, and classroom discussions.
  • Create content natively or upload SCORM courses.
  • Award certificates to students after completing a course.

Host Classes in Real-Time using Webinars

Teach curriculum online and in real-time using webinars.
  • Use Zoom, GoToWebinar, Microsoft Teams, and more.
  • Present PPTs and other materials synchronously using video conferencing apps.
  • Users can register and attend webinars inside of the platform.
  • Admins can report on webinar attendance.
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Manage Grades & Report on Performance

From monitoring assignment submissions and test scores to seeing who’s active in a course – you can easily manage and report on learners’ performances in the LMS.
  • Run reports on one student at a time or a whole classroom.
  • Track how much time a student is spending on an activity.
  • Ensure users are passing assessments, attending classes, and completing assignments.
  • Lock activities to prevent students from skipping ahead.

Sell Courses & Webinars Online

Connect with an existing website or sell courses and webinars inside of your LMS.
  • Charge a fixed amount per course or offer subscriptions.
  • Students can purchase and enroll in courses by themselves.
  • Discount courses with coupons and offer bundles.
  • Take payment via Stripe, Braintree by PayPal, or Athorize.net.

Scale your eLearning Programs

Create separate training portals for each school or educational institution that’s enrolled in training.
  • Separate training portals by the university or k-12 school.
  • Each portal is managed by a representative of the organization enrolled in courses.
  • Attach a logo, eliminate vendor tie texts, and use a custom domain.
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Manage Your eLearning With An LMS