6 Ways eLearning Will Enhance Your Customer Service Training

2 min read | Feb 15, 2021
6 Ways eLearning Will Enhance Your Customer Service Training cover image

1. eLearning provides a consistent customer service foundation for all staff members

eLearning based customer service training resolves potential issues where staff get trained differently by different managers. Such small discrepancies can lead to a variety of experiences for customers over time, and this inconsistency tends to lower the customer’s opinion of the company. With eLearning, everyone gets the same foundation and can build from that common denominator to help the company.

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2. eLearning is more interactive and contributes to better information recall

According to research performed at East Carolina University, there isn’t an appreciable difference between the test scores of college students who are learning in person versus eLearning. The difference that did appear, however, was in student engagement and information recall during final exams. Students who got their information through eLearning were able to learn at their own pace and get the information in a way they most preferred, making it easier for them to remember later.

Combined with the ability for eLearning to use a huge number of teaching mediums instead of just one or a few, engagement and information retention skyrockets. Students get the information in a way that is most interesting and easiest to remember, and they tend to remember it longer when it comes from an eLearning source.

3. eLearning can be updated quickly to adapt to new changes (like Covid-19)

Changes made to an eLearning program can be implemented and adapted quickly, especially advantageous when something changes the industry radically. eLearning is disaster-proof in many ways, and its flexibility can help greatly when the skills needed by the customer service reps are in flux.

4. eLearning allows remote staff members to participate fully

For a blended business that has some customer service reps in an office and others working from home, it can be difficult and uncomfortable for the two groups to merge and work together. This is alleviated somewhat when eLearning is the main way new employees are trained and current employees are retrained on new policies. A similar learning experience (and an identical foundation of knowledge) makes working as a single unit easier. It’s important to remember that remote workers aren’t really any different than in-building ones according to HubSpot, and treating (and training) them differently can cause divisions within the company.

5. eLearning reduces the cost of training when paired with an LMS

When eLearning is administered through a Learning Management System of sufficient quality, it actually reduces the cost of customer service training in the long run. There is less need for staff time to be spent on training when an LMS can contain all the knowledge of an entire team of staff members and teach a new hire or retrain someone at any time, instead of taking another person away from their usual work. Using an LMS to administer your customer service training frees up your employees to focus on the work of making customers happy and therefore making the business more profit.

6. eLearning creates an evaluation feedback loop of constant improvement

eLearning customer service training solutions can use their digital nature to collect very valuable data from users. Thanks to the ability to track data, you can see what works and what doesn’t, and you can use that feedback to create changes to the training system in minutes or hours, instead of in days or weeks. Constantly updating and improving the training is a proactive way to improve your customer service team over time, and it requires very little effort to do right if you’re using an LMS and an eLearning solution that is collecting the data required.

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