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Academy Of Mine named as a Top LMS for 2022 by Online Degree

1 min read | Jan 31, 2022
Academy Of Mine named as a Top LMS for 2022 by Online Degree cover image

Academy Of Mine is pleased to report that its cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) was included in the “Best LMS for 2022” list published annually by the leading consumer education website, OnlineDegree.com.

This year’s focus was on “Ease of Use”, which is a huge testament to the work done by the Academy Of Mine team to address the most problematic issues that users typically face when utilizing an LMS. The end result is a product that is more intuitive and user-friendly to drive better utilization at organizations across the country.

“We are honored to receive this award and are thrilled to partner with more great organizations in need of an LMS backed by professionals in 2022! I want to thank our amazing team for always going the extra mile, and as we continue to grow, customer success remains a top priority!” – Jonathan Reed, Digital Marketer at AOM.

OnlineDegree.com is an educational platform founded by EdTech startup veterans and academics in higher education. The site has appeared in hundreds of media outlets and publications for its work to educate working adults and academic professors and administrators on various ways to improve the affordability and accessibility of higher education.

Inclusion in the first inaugural Best LMS for 2022 list is a big honor for Academy Of Mine and a great start for 2022.

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