Added: Video interactions and Global product settings.

1 min read | Dec 1, 2023
Added: Video interactions and Global product settings. cover image

Increase engagement in your videos by adding Video interactions. Add links, additional info, pop-up quizzes, and more!

Products in your catalog are more customizable than ever with our new Global product settings. Customize the look & feel by adjusting price colors and "add to cart" labels for all supported product types.

Here's a full list of new enhancements added to CORE:

In addition, we've added improvements across the platform.

  • Updated background and text color for flashcards.
  • Updated video module with "no caption" option.
  • Updated Assignment evaluation UI.
  • Updated Quiz & Survey modules to allow previews.
  • Updated course catalog product listing with slider & tab views.
  • Updated bulk upload course enrollment logic to prevent adding courses if "All Courses" selected.
  • Updated zoom integration to allow view & download of meeting recordings.

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