Compliance Training

Successful compliance is a tricky thing. While each employee’s performance contributes to your business’s compliance to internal company policies and government regulations, it is your company’s performance as a whole that determines if requirements are met.

Boost compliance rates through employees’ improved skills strengthened through innovative training. While on the surface Academy Of Mine is a user friendly and versatile platform for employee training, underneath the hood you’ll also find the solution also provides granular reporting and the features needed to track and improve your employees’ performance.


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Demonstrate compliance within minutes

In the event of an audit, in a few short clicks easily export comprehensive reporting that documents employee performance in detail at both course and activity levels views.

When compliance requirements change, easily update courses

With courses automatically updated across the platform via universal course content management controls, reduce overhead, decrease unnecessary effort and ensure students instantaneously have access to the most current version of compliance courses.

Easily track employee training with robust analytics and user controls

Quickly pull reports to see who has and hasn’t completed required compliance training. Easily give course access to students via bulk student upload and automatic email notifications.

Automate ongoing required training

Never miss a required deadline again. Seamlessly schedule ongoing compliance training via customizable training workflows and drip settings.

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