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View some sample Demo Platforms that can be setup using Academy Of Mine. These are not real client sites but a glimpse of what is possible. Demos like these can be setup in minutes for you. 

Demo: Med School

Industry: Medical Training, CME, Heathcare Certification, B2B

About: Med School showcases the AOM platform housing CME and professional medical education in the healthcare space.

Demo: Language School

Industry: Language Instruction & Tutoring, B2C

About: Our Language School demo is a perfect example of AOM catering to small to medium-sized businesses whose main focus is selling educational courses to both kids and adults.

Demo: Tech Academy

Industry: Technology Courses, IT Certification, B2C

About: Take a look at the Tech Academy demo to see how Tech classes and IT certifications can be taught effectively via the AOM platform.

Demo: Wellness Academy

Industry: Health & Fitness, Affiliate Reseller, B2C

About: Yoga Academy offers online courses through the dynamic AOM platform. Video content and live lessons are features to take note of in this demo.

Want to customize a demo environment for you ?

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