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Employee Onboarding

Hiring and training the right talent is essential in building a skilled and capable workforce. 

Ensure your new hires hit the ground running with top-notch training delivered through an easy-to-use and streamlined solution, giving you access to both robust out-of-the-box features as well as custom-designed features.


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Fast track onboarding and enjoy higher employee retention rates

Get new hires to work in record time! Onboarding new employees with highly effective online training gets them up to speed sooner and puts them to work faster than more traditional onboarding methods.

Build an innovative workforce that is always learning

Build a foundation for continuous employee learning with your comprehensive platform that allows for new employee onboarding, ongoing industry training and upskilling to promote improved employee performance.

Train consistently & strengthen company culture

Promote company values and strengthen adherence to company policies. With 100% standardized training across all online classes, there’s no question what new trainees were taught or what their testing results were.

Integrate your platform with talent management solutions

See the big picture. Create a comprehensive view into your workforce’s employee performance and training analytics by connecting your platform with any people management solution you rely on.

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