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Continuing Education (CE)

We have many Continuing Education clients, enabling educators in areas including medical, legal, insurance, finance, first responders, construction and the skilled trades to provide convenient and flexible online courses to their busy working students.

Our CE clients value the adaptability and compliance capability of the Academy Of Mine eLearning platform, including customized course certificates and completed CE credits automatically sent electronically to accrediting bodies.

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Professional Training Providers

Serving a wide spectrum of providers dedicated to making ongoing career training available to working professionals, our eLearning platform is able to deliver the specialized adaptations needed for any niche career sector.

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Primary, Secondary & Postsecondary Education

With the benefit of being adaptable and customized to integrate with their own proprietary, in-house systems, our eLearning platform is also used by primary and secondary educational institutions as well as a variety of colleges, universities and technical schools.

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Small, Mid-Size and Large Businesses

Many businesses utilize our eLearning platform for their own internal employee training and professional development needs.

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We have helped clients from a wide variety of backgrounds get their courses online and successfully target their ideal student audience.

If you need help navigating the eLearning space and getting your courses online in a way that best fits your organization, we’re here to help you. 

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