In today’s poll we want to ask our eLearning blog readers “how many enrolments do you sell each month”? Do you run a new online course and are yet to make your big break, selling only a few enrolments each month? Or are you running a larger online course and getting hundreds of enrolments on a month to month basis?


For this poll we ask that you only respond if you’re selling a course for over $20. Some of you might be giving away online courses for free as an incentive for your site viewers to sign up for your newsletter, but for this poll we’re only interested in the results from paid eCourses. Free courses are great, but they will skew our results to make it look like courses vendors selling courses online are doing better than they actually are. For this reason we ask that you only contribute for courses that you are actually selling.


Thank you for participating in this poll!




How Many Enrolments Do You Sell Each Month?

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