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Customize Your LMS at Academy Of Mine

What if you could start with an already-built LMS and then have a team of experts customize it for you? At Academy Of Mine, you can! Make changes to existing features and designs, or add new features and functionality. If you have unique eLearning needs but don’t want to write any code or develop a learning platform yourself, this service is for you.
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Say Goodbye To Rigid eLearning Software

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Connect Your Business Tools

If our platform doesn’t by-default offer the integrations you need, let us know what tools are missing and we'll connect them to your LMS.
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Change Existing Designs & Functionality

Don’t let your users suffer at the hands of a rigid platform. Change the functionality and design of your LMS to match your business.
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Build New LMS Features

Create features in your LMS that you can’t find anywhere else. Build custom eLearning experiences that your users will love.
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Start with a ready-to-go LMS

Start with a ready-to-go LMS—this includes a vast list of features for administering professional training. Once you know the functionality that you need to be customized, you can reach out to our team to build-out your requirements.
  • If you want a custom LMS before beginning with your ready-to-go platform just let us know.
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Request Software Customization

Whether you are an existing customers or are just now considering our LMS for the first time, you can request LMS customizations. After making a request, our team works with you to understand what you are trying achieve. If the discussion results in custom development work being needed, you will be given a project cost estimate.
  • Request before becoming a customer or afterwards.
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Transform your needs into Design Specs

After agreeing to a customization price estimate, our team works with yours to turn your business needs into LMS design specs. During this step, we considers the size and scope of the functionality you are looking for, as well as your budget and timeline. To insure you have plenty of options before spending money, multiple approaches may be presented to you during this stage.
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Get your detailed Project Proposal

We send you a proposal which includes the details on the cost of the work, as well as the expected target release date. The proposal also includes design specifications, to ensure the development team perfectly addresses your initial customization request. Once the proposal is signed, our developers begin building your dream LMS.
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Build–Test–and Perfect

New code is written and your LMS is customized. Once the the changes are ready to be tested, you get access to the updated system to make sure everything is perfect. Once a client goes through the new functionality and confirms that all is working as intended, we sign off and deploy the functionality on your live platform.
  • Functionality testing can be done in a temporary staging environment, so you don’t disrupt ongoing programs.
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Do you have custom LMS needs? Other questions?

We’ve been developing eLearning platforms since 2014, and over 600 businesses in more than 10 countries use Academy Of Mine.

See what our customer have to say about AOM

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“The platform is easy to use...”

The customer service for AOM is amazing; each step of the way everyone we interacted with was informative, supportive, and truly tried to understand our needs. The platform is easy to use and learn out of the box and has great features.
Bryanna S. Diabetes Ed
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“I highly rate them”

I highly rate them over other companies due to their approach and support. I love that we're able to custom build our LMS platform and work closely with the AOM team.
Pete S. Sales Pro Academy
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“We are happy choosing them.”

We looked at a lot of platforms before choosing Academy of Mine. No platform had all of the features we needed except Academy of Mine. They are great in responding to technical requests the same day. We are very happy choosing them.
Adam P. Action Potential Learning



Can you develop multiple custom features on our LMS at the same time?

We do not develop multiple customizations for a client in parallel. Instead, when a client has numerous items they want to pay for to get developed, we will tackle each item individually.


How do you calculate customization release dates?

We calculate the target release data based on the required development hours and bandwidth available.


How much do you charge for LMS customizations? Is there a minimum charge?

The hourly fee is set at $125/hour. Our minimum customization billing starts at 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the item.


Do you have more information on your customization request policy?

Yes, you can find our customization request policy here.


How do you determine when a customization job is complete?

When you're testing the functionality and confirm that all is working as intended. Only once we have the sign-off can we deploy the functionality on the live platform and close the work.


Can you build us an LMS from scratch? With our preferred software?

We currently do not offer development services using software other than our proprietary platform. However, our software is highly-customizable and we can build you whatever you’d like.

Let Us Build Your Dream LMS