LMS For Partner Training

Effectively Train Partners With Academy Of Mine 

Your channel partners need a central hub for learning about your products and or services. Academy Of Mine is a proven learning platform designed for effectively training partners online.

Frictionless Partner Training

From franchises to consultants, vendors, resellers, and more — help your partners succeed by educating and training them on a sleek and easy-to-use tool.

  • Instantly deliver online training to partners.
  • Train partners with reliable software built for 1,000s users.
  • Educate partners in real-time with webinars.


Report On Your Partners As They Learn

Keep track of partner engagement and performance using a platform that records learning-related activity and creates reports for you.

  • Be notified when partners complete training and also when they’re struggling in a program or have questions.
  • Automatically track certificates, completions, scores, and more.

Set Partners Up For Success Quickly

Quickly onboard partners, and educate them with an all-in-one learning platform designed for partner training. Creating and managing partner training is easy with Academy Of Mine.

  • Partner channels manage their own training portal.
  • Partners can manage training with different user roles (I.E., admins & instructors have more permissions than students).

Educate Partners At Their Own Pace

Create online courses for partners to go through at their own pace. No more holding partners hostage to essential training information.

Never Create Generic Training Again

Every organization is unique, and no effective partner training program is one-size-fits-all. Create unique learning paths for each of your partners.

  • Use pre-assessments to understand partners before training.
  • Build trust with each partner and maintain partnerships at scale.

Communicate Brand Standards

Standardize training to ensure partners represent your brand and become champions in the partnership.

  • Simplify your mission and vision with easy-to-understand online learning modules.
  • Brand your white-label platform with a logo, colors, and more.

Increase Revenue & Decrease Support Costs

Deliver expert product knowledge to your partners — then affordably give them the ins and outs of your business  — and watch as sales increase.

  • Sell training directly on the LMS or connect to an eCommerce store.
  • Decreases support costs by bringing expert-level training to your partners in an automated system.

10x Your Partnerships With Academy Of Mine