How An LMS Transformed Hanover Research's External Training

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Hanover Research is a market research firm that provides professional development to school districts so that k-12 teachers can provide kids with an excellent education. Before using Academy Of Mine (AOM), Hanover Research had experience using an LMS for internal training, but they needed a separate solution to improve their external training for school districts. Fast forward, with AOM, Hanover has significantly improved their ability to train k-12 school districts, report on training progress, and grow their client list.

The Challenges

  • Delivering professional development to k-12 school districts efficiently.
  • Keeping external clients satisfied and engaged in online training.
  • Tracking and reporting on progress for customers enrolled in training.

The Outcomes

  • Grew k-12 educational audiences online with an LMS.
  • Expanded their base of school districts purchasing educational training.
  • Used feedback to adapt their educational product.
  • Provided in-depth training reports to satisfy stakeholder needs.

“AOM is a very service-oriented, customer-oriented company that is great for a business trying to develop any sort of learning content on a platform. Somebody who needs a partner that’s going to work with them not just give them a platform to explore on their own.”

Profile of Patrick Rooney
Patrick Rooney
Product Manager, Hanover Research

Follow along below to read our conversation with Patrick Rooney, a product manager at Hanover Research.

The Need to Track Progress in Customer Training

Patrick is in charge of managing the online learning product sold by Hanover, which is directed to K-12 teachers. Before using Academy Of Mine, Hanover was stuck with a bunch of PDFs and PowerPoints that were being manually sent through email to clients. So, Hanover Research had no way to track the progress k-12 teachers were making in training courses.

“We needed to be able to track how teachers were interacting with training so that we could tell school districts things like, yes, 500 people in your district have used this resource” - Patrick R.

For example, when a school district would ask Hanover how many teachers have accessed training materials, they used to have no legitimate way to access this data. One of the benefits of a Learning Management System is being able to closely track the progress users are making in training. From the number of minutes an individual is spending with material to seeing how many employees are certified (and more), LMSs with reporting give you a lot of information on learner progress.

Other than tracking training material interactions, Hanover wanted to do a few things:

  • Provide training results from evaluations.
  • Create and share online quizzes, certificates, and progress reports with school districts.
  • Monitor the activity of users enrolled in training. From logging in to the system to completing a course, achieving certain scores, and sharing all of this data with clients.
  • Provide notifications to teachers and students.
  • Go from PowerPoint to LMS courses.
  • Change the level of permissions that users have (I.E., administrators have more access than students).

What does Success for Hanover Research look like?

Success for Hanover means being able to improve the number of school districts they’re working with, as well as improve upon the outcomes teachers in school districts are getting after completing courses. Patrick told us that they need to demonstrate to school districts that after teachers finish training, they’re better off! Another metric that defines success for Hanover is how successful teachers are in applying new concepts in the classroom — not just understanding topics in the context of an online course!

Another improvement Hanover Research has experienced from working with us, has to do with tracking and reporting users’ activity. Being able to showcase to clients that teachers enrolled in training are making progress — and show exactly what they’re doing in a course — is important for keeping clients engaged and happy. Now, Hanover Research can easily view progress reports to maximize the effectiveness of training, and export reports to satisfy stakeholders.

Here’s what Patrick said when we asked him the number one thing he’s able to accomplish with Academy Of Mine.

Academy Of Mine Stood Out from the Competition

Before investing in Academy Of Mine, Hanover was already using an LMS for internal training, so they were aware that they needed a similar solution for their external training program. Patrick told us that during the research process, Academy Of Mine ended up being the top choice compared to the 4-5 other learning management system providers.

Other LMSs that Hanover Research considered:

  • HireRoad (formerly known as Inquisiq)
  • TalentLMS
  • Saba
  • Thought Industries

Patrick said that Academy Of Mine stood out from others because of the product, pricing, and actual service included alongside the software. We are proud to say that customer service and technical support are factors that most customers appreciate at Academy Of Mine.

“Academy Of Mine was by far the best in answering our questions in a timely fashion, trying to think through solutions with us, so that made them stand out. Also, we didn't have a completely fixed feature set that we needed for the LMS. So the ability to customize the AOM product was also very important to us.” - Patrick R.

One of Patrick’s favorite parts about Academy Of Mine is the support team. This makes us very happy! At the end of the day, if clients aren’t more successful with our software than without it, we aren’t doing our job.

“They've been very responsive. That was true before the sale and that was true after, and I was really impressed with that continuity after we'd signed a contract initially. They've been very flexible too, so not just responding to us, but also trying to figure out solutions." - Patrick R.

Hanover Research’s Accomplishments with AOM

By using an LMS, Hanover Research has been able to gain customer feedback and improve its educational product (training) significantly. Now, they can get client feedback and respond to customers quickly. As a result, they’ve been able to improve the impacts that customers are getting from training by a landslide — leading to happier customers and increased client retention.

When Hanover Research first began using the Academy Of Mine LMS, they were solely using the platform to offer their educational training to k-12 teachers and school districts. The icing on top of the cake is that after they saw a lot of success in the partnership, Hanover Research decided to open up another account with us!

“We have recently signed a second contract with the Academy Of Mine. This second audience is about training faculty who are completing grant applications.” - Patrick R.

Improving Customer Experiences with Flexible and Robust Software

Another benefit that Hanover Research experienced from working with us is being able to send users notifications at strategic points in their training. For example, sending teachers a message during onboarding, before or after completing a course, earning a certification, etc. Patrick also mentioned that before using an LMS, they had no way of knowing when to notify teachers, let alone understanding when they should even send teachers notifications — because they couldn’t monitor learner progress and user interactions.

In addition to sending teachers notifications, Hanover Research has been able to deliver training and scale more effectively thanks to Academy Of Mine.

When speaking with Patrick, the last thing we asked him was if he thought our software was user-friendly, and here’s what he said:

“Most of the time I jump onto the platform and navigate myself. I've spent a lot of time on the platform and I've been very comfortable with it. I've also walked colleagues through it, and most of them after one or two walk-throughs they’re fairly comfortable.” - Patrick R.

Hanover Research’s Game-changing Partnership with Academy Of Mine

In a nutshell, partnering with Academy Of Mine has been a game-changer for Hanover Research. Where they used to struggle to track customer progress in training, they can now easily monitor user activity and provide valuable insights to their school district clients.

Our robust and user-friendly platform has empowered Hanover Research to improve training outcomes, gain valuable customer feedback, and enhance the overall customer experience. Implementing Academy Of Mine's LMS has allowed Hanover Research to send targeted notifications, automate certificate awards, and engage users at the right moments.

The software and service aspect that Academy Of Mine offers has helped Hanover Research transform its approach to customer training — boosting client retention and success. Hanover Research has achieved remarkable accomplishments and continues to grow and deliver quality training to clients.

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