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Training That’s Accessible 24/7

Self-paced courses created with video, PDF, assessments, SCORM, and more, allow learners to take courses on-demand so that your organization can deliver training and learning programs efficiently.

Enhance Learning with Video

Upload videos directly or from 3rd parties like YouTube and Vimeo to increase users’ learning experience.

  • Attach subtitles to a video using VTT files.
  • Track the time a user has spent in a video.
  • Users can easily return where they left off on unfinished videos.
  • Optionally prevent users from skipping ahead.

Explain Topics in-depth using PDFs

Use PDFs to guide users through a course by elaborating on the details of a specific topic or complex piece of information using text and pictures.

  • Admins can track time spent on each PDF.
  • Page by page tracking (e.g. learner completed 25/100 pages).
  • Users can download PDFs for offline training.
  • Scale and zoom options for improved learning.

Test Users with Assessments

Assessments like quizzes and exams can be fill-in-the-blank, true/false, multiple-choice, multiple correct, or short answers, and they can either be created within the platform or uploaded via an excel sheet.

  • Bulk import pre-written question banks.
  • Create minimum passing requirements, put timers on an assessment, and allow for retakes.
  • Add hints to questions, and explanations to answers.
  • Measure student’s performance using built-in reporting tools.

Encourage participation among Learners

Fully managed discussion boards allow learners and instructors to effectively communicate with each other.

  • Answer student questions and provide feedback.
  • Create long-form response assignments and require students to comment on others’ responses after submitting.

Discussion boards are great for helping learners get to know each other or ask for assistance, and they can also help by providing Instructors with student feedback on assignments and courses.

Challenge Learners with Assignments

Create an assignment in a course and have users respond in a text area, or by uploading a file like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.

  • Assignments provide detailed insight into a learners’ understanding of course material.
  • Assignments are always graded manually by instructors.

A Fully Immersive Learning Experience

Give learners the gift of using an intuitive Learning Management System! Our LMS has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for learners to progress through a course or program without getting confused about where to go and what to click next.

SCORM compliant

Upload and track SCORM packages created using external course authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and iSpring.

  • Our platform supports SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2.
  • SCORM modules can be completed in conjunction with other native AOM modules.

Create and Deliver Award-Winning Training

Our LMS has much more to offer than just self-paced courses. Here are some other features you can use to accelerate your training and learning programs:

Fully customizable platform

Every organization has unique needs with their LMS – if there’s a specific feature you’re looking for, our team of experts will build it for you!

Built-in Reporting Tools

See who has been certified, monitor completion rates, and report on a user’s progress then export reports, all in one platform.

White-label Client Portals

Bulk onboard clients into white-labeled portals, and assign admins to each portal so that customers can manage training courses.


Customize and automate Certificates

Customize certificates to look the way you want them to – include common fields like student name, date issued, expiration date etc

Schedule Modules in a Course

Set the availability for when a module in a course is open so that long training programs have to be taken over a certain period of time.


Prevent Users from skipping ahead

Restrict users from accessing certain modules and sections in a course until earlier ones are completed.

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