70 Ideas For Online Courses

eCourse Growth Strategies

There are no shortage of ideas when it comes to being able to teach; it generally starts with both a skill and passion about a topic. If you find people are often asking you to help them with something, whether it be a new language or helping with a business promotion strategy, chances are more people in the world would like to learn what you have to teach them.

However, if you are still scratching your head and looking for online course ideas, go ahead and take a look at the list of 70 ideas for eCourses we have listed below.

You could teach an eCourse on How To…

1) Use Adobe Premiere Pro

2) Become a writer

3) Dance

4) Become a fashion designer

5) Manage people

6) Use InDesign

7) Build and promote a blog

8) Play guitar

9) Do yoga

10) Start a nonprofit

11) Compose music

12) Lose weight

13) Water paint

14) Use feng shui in your home

15) Become a blogger

16) Perform CPR

17) Sing

18) Start a restaurant

19) Code software programs

20) Play piano

21) Act in theater and film

22) Skateboard

23) Produce dubstep music

24) Cook Chinese food

25) Bake a cake

26) Use Adobe Illustrator

27) Use Photoshop

28) Learn Microsoft Excel and Word

29) Take better photographs

30) Start a bar

31) Cook vegetarian food

32) Become more attractive

33) Program in HTML5

34) Work from home

35) Animate

36) Sew

37) Study for the MCAT

38) Do tai chi

39) Design video games

40) Cook Italian food

41) Make films and videos

42) Use Final Cut Pro

43) Produce hip hop music

44) Change your own oil

45) Become a makeup artist

46) Gain lean muscle mass

47) Start a campfire

48) Become a graphic designer

49) Become a tattoo artist

50) Do Pilates

51) Promote your website

52) Improve memory

53) Make more money

54) Mine bitcoin

55) Write a novel

56) Cook Korean food

57) Meditate

58) Play the mandolin

59) Use JavaScript

60) Build a website

61) Become a jewelry designer

62) Sculpt

63) Be a DJ

64) Manage time

65) Start a YouTube business

66) Build a computer

67) Save for retirement

68) Study for the LSAT

69) Produce pop music

70) Refinish hardwood furniture


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