Beauty & Cosmetology

Whether you need a haircut, pedicure, manicure, facial or eyelash extensions, at some point in time we all utilize Beauty and Cosmetology services to help us look and feel our best. In order to stay active in their work, professionals (including beauticians, barbers, estheticians, etc.) are required to take continuing education courses to keep their licenses in good standing and stay abreast of their industries’ new advances. Conveniently, those who work in the beauty and cosmetology industries are able to take these courses online via an eLearning platform when and where it is easiest for them.  

Client Showcase

Take a look at Safety Training provider platforms with Academy Of Mine.

See below for a slideshow of our clients’ Beauty & Cosmetology eCourses hosted in the Academy Of Mine eLearning Platform.

Want to host your Beauty and Cosmetology courses in an adaptive, fully customizable Platform supported by a company that knows your industry?

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